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Improve your customers technical support through an online satisfaction survey

Posted on 1/20/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
In 2010, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of 7000 subscribers to rate their computer's manufacturer on several tech support criteria, including wait time, online tech support, problem resolution, and phone staff. Apple was the clear winner, scoring 23 points higher than its next competitor. Clearly, Apple has their technical support process down to a science. You can too, especially if you implement a tech support satisfaction survey tool to learn about your customer's satisfaction with your tech support. Whether your tech support is through email, live chat, or phone support, you can benefit by knowing how your customers feel about their tech support encounter.

First things first, tech support doesn't just relate to computer manufacturers. Rather, tech support occurs in a wide range of industries, including mobile phones, software products, televisions, DVDs, manufacturer’s goods, service providers and a host of other industries. Generally speaking, tech support intends to help a customer with a specific problem, rather than general training. Tech support may be handled over the telephone, through email, or live chat. Some computer tech support involves remote access to a customer's computer. Other companies also charge a fee for technical support services. If your company outsources its technical support, a tech satisfaction survey tool may help you identify performance problems more easily.

Technical support satisfaction surveys are designed to measure your staff's performance in relation to technical or customer service support. They can be administered as an online survey and developed through survey software. One of the goals of tech support satisfaction surveys is to identify if there is a gap between the customers tech support experience and your tech support benchmarks.

The best time to administer a tech support satisfaction survey is while the experience is still fresh in the customer's mind. Some companies wisely send out an emailed online survey immediately after a customer ends his tech support phone call or live chat. If you wait to conduct an online survey to measure customer technical support satisfaction, you run the risk of the customer forgetting crucial details of their encounter. Some examples of areas that a tech support satisfaction survey tool can examine are:

* Overall satisfaction with technical support
* Wait time before call was answered
* Courteousness of the technical support staff
* Was the technical support staff knowledgeable?
* Was the problem resolved satisfactorily?
* Was the tech support staff easy to understand?
* Rate the quality of assistant
* Did the technical staff have to transfer the call for resolution?
* Likeliness of utilizing the tech support service again
* Suggestions for improvement

Once you receive your results from your technical support satisfaction online survey, you'll be able to create charts and graphs of the data. This will assist you in identifying trends, good or bad. You’ll be able to spot the top problems in your technical support delivery and address them. Furthermore, you may learn that some staff, requests, or specific times may result in more customer complaints. The bottom line is that most companies want to provide superior technical support to their customers -- a technical  support satisfaction survey can help you do just that.

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