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How your customer satisfaction survey can bypass feedback fatigue

Posted on 8/2/2023 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
A customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire meant to assist businesses in knowing what their customers think about their products or services. Customer satisfaction surveys give you a good insight into your market and a better understanding of your customers.

It’s safe to say that most companies want to know what customers think, meaning they want to garner as much data as possible to develop the best marketing strategy. By requesting feedback, you acquire insight into what your clients expect from you, and a mobile phone survey can help a lot in this regard.

However, it is essential to remember that every time you send a survey to your customers or request feedback, you ask them to put in some effort. The more you ask, the more effort the customer has to make, which can induce a condition called feedback fatigue.

This article will highlight the meaning of feedback fatigue and how your customer satisfaction survey can bypass feedback fatigue.

What is Feedback Fatigue?

Feedback fatigue can be defined as a common phenomenon where an individual gets bored or uninterested in your survey due to a large number of requests. Too many feedback requests and survey questions from the business to the client can cause this phenomenon.

Customers today are bombarded or burdened with many questions from numerous brands or companies. This can cause them to submit untruthful surveys or decide not to fill out the survey at all. Proper survey filling needs a reasonable amount of time; everyone is very busy these days.

How Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Can Bypass Feedback Fatigue

Consider the timeline in which you will survey your customers.

Determining the best possible timeline to send a survey to your customers will help you get a positive response. Finding the best time to connect with your company depends on how often they connect with your company.

You can send a brief survey with a few questions after purchase to gauge how frequently they interact with your business.

Carefully review the length of your survey.

Lengthy surveys can exhaust customers, causing them to lose focus on their comments and suggestions. This might result in incomplete insights and a greater likelihood of non-completion.

Pretend to be your customer and complete the survey. If you are bored, your consumers will be bored as well. So, limit the length of your surveys to what is essential to gather all the information you need.

Don’t ask too many questions.

More questions can cause survey dropouts and incompleteness. Avoid irrelevant questions and understand how each question will assist you in reporting and making decisions.

Use online survey software.

Thanks to technological advances, collecting data and feedback from individuals is more convenient and easier when you use an online survey tool or software.

Online survey software assists you in creating the most creative and complex online surveys and gathering, analyzing, and displaying your vital data with simplicity.


Believe it or not, customers don’t love surveys quite as much as you do. While people are pleased to reply and provide feedback, it can become tiring in a short while. And most businesses utilize various online survey software, such as the one from Novi Survey, to conduct their surveys because they can be done with a few clicks.
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