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How to use a tech support survey to improve customer service

Posted on 8/26/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

You would think businesses wouldn't have to be told to make customer service a priority. Yet, some don't always invest the money or time into their customer support departments, which is a big mistake, most of the time. Indeed, many customers have bailed on making a purchase because of poor customer service.

To enhance customer satisfaction, companies need to stay up-to-date and provide their customers with convenient services they can connect with. Customers these days are much more tech-savvy. Therefore, using new technology is the perfect way of improving your customer service overall.

You might think a lot of time is required to improve customer service, but really simply implementing certain technology can improve it and with not as much time and effort as you may think. But, you also need to know if the technology you're using is helping to improve customer satisfaction. One great way to find out how to use technology to improve customer service is by conducting a tech support survey tool. Here's how to use them correctly:

1. Make It Clear

Not all people speak service on the same level as you. Don't use company jargon in your survey software and make sure the questions you're asking are concise and clear. Also, make sure your respondents can easily understand the point of your questions. Be consistent, clear, and transparent which is good for surveys and for good service.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Your tech survey questions should be targeted for measuring factors defined within your strategy and to bring about answers required for your goals. For instance, in your tech online survey software, you can ask questions like:

• How would you rate the support team's technical knowledge?
• How satisfied are you with the quality of the customer service you received?
• How would you rate our ability to solve your issues?
• How would you rate our support team's professionalism?
• How can we improve our customer support in the future?

3. Manage Expectations

When customers are faced with your tech survey request, the question in their mind is should they or should they not fill your survey out? Manage expectations to ensure you're getting more "yeses" to that question. Keep in mind your consumers might be busy, so for their benefit, keep it brief. Inform them it won't take that much time or effort for them to fill out your survey. If you do require more in-depth information, inform them of that before they begin the survey. This typically means you'll receive less "drop-offs" halfway through your survey when they realize it was taking longer for them to fill out the survey than they expected.

Don't forget to update your tech survey every now and then too. As you're meeting your big goals and solving your big problems, focus on new areas for feedback. Remember, your tech survey should be on ongoing effort. Continue to grow and build the ideal team and seamless strategies and processes using customer feedback to help you get there.

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