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How to show only completed responses in a report

Posted on 5/18/2011 by Jim in category: survey software tips
Novi Survey software includes rich report formatting and structuring capabilities. When a new report is created, it includes by default all of the questions in the survey and provides statistics and graphs corresponding to the full corpus of responses available for the survey. Although such an all inclusive report is very useful, there are situations when it is desirable to include only a subset of the responses available for the survey in the report.

In this entry, we will examine one such case, i.e., the inclusion in a report of completed responses only. Our survey tool provides a rich set of filters that can be applied to the data before it is shown in a report. First, as a matter of definition, it is important to understand that a completed response is a response for which the participant reached the completion page. Since surveys may contain page conditions and skip logic, it is possible that a completed response does not contain any answer data for certain pages in the survey. Also, if a participant reaches the end of a survey, then navigates back to a prior page and never comes back to the completion page, the response will still be considered completed by our online survey software.

To define a filter for a report, first create the report in the “report list” screen and choose “design report”. You will be brought to the list of sections defined for the report. By default, there will be only one section defined, which will appear as a row in the section table at the top of the screen in the survey software. Click on the row for the section. A list of section elements for the section will appear at the bottom of the screen. By default, there will be only one section element for the section. Click on “edit section element”. In the section element edit screen, click of the “filters” tab. Then, open the responses block. Click on “new” in the table of responses conditions and define the condition as “response status” is “completed”. Then click “OK” and finally “Save” at the bottom of the screen. You will be brought back to the section list screen for the report and the newly added condition on responses will be shown for the section element.

When you run the report, the data shown in each section element will be based on responses that pass the filter(s) defined for the section element. With the filter defined as detailed above, only completed responses will be used to construct the section element. It’s that easy with the Novi Survey tools.

Happy surveying.

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