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How to Overcome Website Evaluation Survey Low Response Rates

Posted on 8/19/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Being a website owner, you always want to ensure you're providing your users with a good experience. Website evaluation online survey software lets you target a precise audience and ask them the questions you want to get answers to. Collect user feedback easily from your site visitors to help you improve your offerings, quality content, web interface, and more.

Website evaluation survey software is mobile friendly and helps you gather customer feedback quickly on things like e-commerce experience, navigation, and more.

But, getting individuals to complete your survey tool could be challenging for a number of reasons, such as:

• Some people won't fill out the survey.
• Some won't see what's in it for them.
• Some will abandon your survey halfway through.

Some surveys even have as low as a 10% response rate. Think about all the effort and time lost. However, what if you had a way of getting a much higher response rate? How can you go about that?

Here are some ways to overcome a low website evaluation survey response rate.

1. Reduce the Number of Surveys You Send Out

You can definitely send out too many surveys. And, people can grow tired of filling out surveys or frustrated by you sending out too many regularly.

2. Respect the Privacy of People

Individuals can be reluctant to share their personal information. Having a crystal clear privacy disclaimer makes your respondents much more likely to answer your survey questions honestly, as well as have a positive impact on your survey's response rate.

There are certain things you'll want to include in your disclaimer, such as:

• How you'll use the data you collect
• Whether or not you'll disclose the information to anyone else
• What personal information you are collecting
• How individuals can contact you (you'll provide your contact info)
• If and how respondents can delete or change their personal information

Collect the minimum amount of personal data as you need. Add your disclaimer near your survey demographics and in your invitation email. Also, add a link that will open in a separate window that legally covers your bases.

3. Make Your Survey Look Like a Quiz

The term "survey" often comes with a poor connotation, particularly when it appears in an individual's inbox. An effective way of getting people to fill your survey out is to make it look like a quiz. The term "take our quiz" may have a better open rate than "take our survey."

5. Ask the Right Type of Questions

You have many different options for question types. Choosing the right type of questions is important. For instance, interactive question types like smiley or star ratings or image choice have an impact and will make your survey more interactive and engaging. This can result in a higher completion rate, boost brand awareness and recognition, and provide you with better insights.

Put these 5 strategies in place on your next website evaluation survey to help you overcome a low response rate.

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