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How to increase employee survey response rates

Posted on 8/26/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Employing online surveys and questionnaires using survey tools and survey software are excellent methods of assessing employee feedback and improving the quality of your worth as an employer.

However, all of these are dependent on the employee giving feedback. Low response to the online surveys and questionnaires will affect the collation of much-needed data, which will affect the quality of decisions to be made regarding business.

This article teaches some tips to help you make sure your forms and surveys are filled, therefore fulfilling the purpose of surveys.

The use of online survey software and survey tools to design and distribute it to the right respondents is key in this process.

1. Brand your survey.

To brand your survey means to design your survey such that it oozes every characteristic your brand portrays, thereby causing people to recognize your company from your survey.

When people see your survey, you (or your brand) must come to mind.

One of the main reasons people are reluctant to complete surveys is a dearth of credibility and trust when their opinion is requested. Designing a survey using your brand's color and following your brand's marketing concept can help inspire reliability.

2. Personalize the distribution.

After designing the survey using survey software, what comes next is determining the method of distribution. You can choose to distribute it to your subscribers via social media, email, blog, website, or otherwise using survey tools. You could also embed the survey on your website.

3. Select the right respondents.

Getting a high response rate entails selecting the right people to respond to your survey. Respondents typically respond to surveys that add value to them. As a brand, sending surveys to people familiar with your brand and those who have previously worked with you is a good way to start. Some employees experience a surge of worth and value when asked for suggestions to improve a service or product. Filling the survey, however, is the first step.

As a customer, suggesting what you think would improve their services will help you in the long run. Sending you a survey shows that the company is striving to meet your expectations. Make sure you choose the right people and watch your response rate shoot up like a meteor.

4. Schedule your survey optimally.

For any aspect of a business, timing is critical. Using a survey isn't any different.

Employing metrics gotten from the social media space would be of a lot of help. You can check the time and day when your audience is most active on certain social media platforms and then post the survey. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr allow for posts (like surveys and rankings) that can engage your followers for a limited period.

As far as emails are concerned, marketers consider 10 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays as ideal weekly periods to send email surveys. The highest clickthrough rate is considered to be at midnight.

You can use an online scheduling survey tool to reach potential employees and customers on time, solving the problem of time zones.

5. Design your survey to be supported by mobile devices.

You will be making a huge mistake if you do not make your survey compatible with mobile devices in any format. A survey that is not optimized for any type of scene size may cause a sizable reduction in response rate.

Over two billion people in the world use smartphones. Paying bills, communicating, and learning courses are just some of the numerous ways smartphones are utilized.

If you decide to send a survey via social media or otherwise using online survey software, the survey should be responsive and appropriate for contrasting screen sizes. This can induce frustration ever so quickly, causing users to abandon the survey halfway.

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