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How to get the most out of your teen survey

Posted on 12/2/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Around 89% of all teenagers go online a few times a day. Typically, it's to shop online, check social media, watch videos, stream movies, and play games. Some might even take surveys, particularly if they can earn points or rewards. All things considered, teenagers typically spend more time online than adults, and access the internet from more locations than their bedroom.

If you're looking to implement a teen survey tool, is there anything different you should be doing than you would when surveying adults? Here are some tips:

1. Send Out Your Surveys on Weekdays

Actually, Fridays are the best day to send out your teen surveys since teens devote a lot of their time online on Fridays - many taking surveys. Putting your online survey software to use at a certain time makes a difference too. It seems there's a higher weekday response rate from teens between 8 am and 5 pm.

2. Make Your Survey Software Mobile-Friendly

There's more of a chance teens will fill out surveys on their tablets or smartphones. Therefore, you'll want to ensure your surveys are mobile friendly.

• Only use videos and images that are absolutely necessary. You can lengthen the load time of your surveys by adding these elements.
• Whenever possible, don't use matrix questions. These take up screen space and might not be viewable all at the same time. Plus, they take time to answer which might not cater to a teenager's attention span. If using matrix questions, try reducing how many columns and rows you include.
• Don't use comment box (open-ended) questions. It's time consuming trying to type out a response on a mobile device and this can compromise the patience of teens and keep them from providing insightful feedback.

3. Be Sure Your Surveys are on Social Media

Teenagers are on social media a great deal, and often on several channels. In fact, one poll found that 86% of teens between 13 years old and 17 years old state they use Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. And, teenagers often use social media on a daily basis.

Teenagers aren't just using social media to talk with friends either. Over 80% of teens are using their social media to discover new brands, and their generation are 59% more likely of connecting with brands through social media than other generations. Therefore, you'll want to use your social media presence for gathering teen feedback and teen surveys is the perfect way of doing this.

Today’s teens are more tech savvy than ever. Use this to your advantage and follow the above tips to get the most out of your teen survey. But, keep in mind that when surveying minors (who are considered a protected class) or requesting they participate in a research project, parents must provide their consent.

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