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How to get the most out of your employee exit survey

Posted on 12/11/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips
An employee exit survey allows your company to gather and exchange information before an employee leaves. While specifics can vary greatly between industries, organizations and career types, you can conduct a basic exit interview in various methods. Below are some ways to get the most out of your employee survey tool.

1. Gather Information to Make Improvements

Exit interviews provide your company with valuable information about what you can improve, however, they also inform you of what you're doing well. It can be a costly undertaking to hire consultants. Exit interviews are an affordable and fast way of gathering a lot of information about how your company functions.

In February of 2016, around three million employees left their jobs.

Around 70% of those individuals left because they didn't feel valued, but only 30% of them were provided with an exit interview.From the perspective of the employer, 60% of human resources managers say they use the information they gather from exit interviews.

When managers and leaders aren't aware of the average employee's work life, an exit interview provides them more insight of what employees do and the way they feel about it. If you use the data you obtain from an exit interview in a manner your employees see changes, they'll feel more respected and understood. And, feelings like these can help to improve engagement, retention and satisfaction.

2. Gain Constructive Feedback

When performed and used effectively, an exit interview can help you gain constructive feedback and valuable insight. Employees who are leaving tend to be more forthcoming, honest and direct in their feedback — whether good or bad. More often, you might find you're facing some type of negative feedback. Use this feedback as a learning opportunity and to make improvements.

3. Increase Employee Retention

Employees leave every day. Even so, it's always a shock when this occurs. When you have an employee leave, with it comes the typical hassle of finding a suitable replacement while considering how an exiting employee will impact the team.

Use your survey software to learn the reasons for your employees' departure and if there are any patterns. Is it due to low salary, ineffective management or the job description? Finding the answers to questions like these can help you make sense of it and make necessary changes to organizational culture.

4. Employment Wrap Up

Exit interviews are a great way to ensure your employees understand any remaining obligations such as:

- Non-competes
- Equipment returns
- Intellectual property agreements

5. Use Online Survey Software

Using survey software not only makes the process simpler to implement, but it also provides analytical tools like graphs to help assist you in analyzing the results to improve employee satisfaction and turnover.

With online survey software, you administer your exit interview questions through an online management interface. This can increase the likelihood of your employees responding to your questions because it takes less time than phone or in-person interviews. Also, online exit survey software requires less time to analyze and track.
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