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How to get the most from your client survey using survey software

Posted on 6/5/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
You have numerous ways to construct and deliver a client survey wrong, which could keep you from obtaining a clear and accurate picture of your customers' or clients' experience. Unfortunately, sending out a defective survey can actually be much worse than sending no survey at all to your customers because you risk receiving data back that's inaccurate and invalid that won't help your overall goal. To help, here are some ways to get the most from your client survey.

1. Define Your Goals

You should have a clear goal of what you're looking to accomplish with your survey tool. Knowing ahead of time exactly what your goal is with your client survey helps to ensure you get relevant feedback to enhance and grow your business.

2. Send Out Highly Targeted, Short Surveys

Make your surveys are short. Your customers' time is valuable, and they will likely get bored filling out a 20-minute survey and will be less likely to provide you with thought-filled, relevant information or they may not bother to fill it out at all.

3. Word Your Questions Clearly

Because you want to obtain as much data as possible from your customers, you'll want to ensure each question clearly expresses what you're looking for and aren't confusing. If your customers are having a difficult time understanding your questions, they won't be able to provide you with honest answers or they may even stop taking the survey altogether.

4. Know When to Use Open-Ended Questions

Use these types of questions sparingly. While open-ended responses can provide you with great insight from your customers, they take more time for your customers to complete than other types of questions like drop downs or multiple choice. Remember, your customers' time is a huge factor to consider when you're constructing your online survey software questions. Too many open-ended questions can lead to survey fatigue and abandonment.

5. Preview Your Survey Before Sending It

Imagine if you were to send out your survey and then find you didn't add a certain important question or didn't include several answer choices for a question you asked. With either of these cases, your responses can fall short of what you're looking for, and this can be frustrating. It’s a good idea to have someone other than you or the survey creator to review the survey to ensure it will accomplish what you want it to.

Always preview your survey before sending it out to prevent any mishaps or mistakes in your survey tool design. You may even want to get another pair of eyes on your survey since sometimes you may not catch mistakes on your own.

Creating a client survey doesn't need to be a time investment, since fortunately, there are many online survey software tools to simplify the process. Even so, making client surveys a part of your routine operations will set you up for success since the lifeblood of your business is your clients or customers.
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