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How to design a market survey in changing times

Posted on 6/17/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If you want to know what people truly think of something, often the best way to find out is to just come out and ask them. In the marketing industry, this typically means surveying your prospects or customers to find what's going on in their world. You do this through a market survey tool. Below explains important considerations in how to design a market survey effectively, particularly in changing times.

1. Determine How You'll Use the Information

Having a clear objective of how you'll use the information you collect from your survey software is a critical first step when it comes to creating your initial survey draft. How you structure your questions will depend largely on the types of information you're looking to report back.

2. Save Personal Questions for the End

Your survey should be treated like it's a conversation. You wouldn't normally start a conversation asking someone their age. You'd probably start off with some small talk first and eventually move on to more personal subjects.

This should hold true for your market survey too. You'll want to keep your questions straightforward and light and gradually move towards questions that are more personal (like demographic questions).

3. Use Closed-Ended Questions

These are questions that have pre-populated answer selections for your respondents to choose from, such as checkbox or multiple-choice questions. They're easier for your respondents to answer and they offer you quantitative information for your analysis. If you choose you could supplement closed-end questions with optional open-ended ones.

4. Choosing Your Sample

The type of individuals you interview is a primary element in deciding who you'll interview. This is known as your target population. If you're conducting an association membership survey or an employee attitude survey the population is obvious. If you're trying to determine how successful a product will be, your target population might be less obvious.

It's crucial to determine your target population correctly. If you don't interview the right types of individuals, especially in volatile times, you won't meet your goals successfully.

5. Use Online Survey Software

The benefits of designing a market survey using online survey software is multifactored. For instance, you can incorporate piping, which is being able to insert information from past questions, skip logic which is skipping over certain survey parts and continuing at a future questions, and other question logistics. These provide you with more meaningful data than not incorporating these types of logic questions.

For instance, if in one question you had an individual with a Samsung phone, you could then have a follow-up question that's more personalized because of this information. You could phrase it as something like: "You stated you own a Samsung phone. What influenced you to make this purchase?" rather than simply questioning them with "What influenced you to buy your brand of phone?"

Market surveys offer many benefits including identifying potential problems before they happen and proactively predicting pitfalls to help you to make better decisions and provide improved products and services. . They help you to remain relevant in changing times, and help you anticipate new developments in your industry, and the world.
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