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How to deploy a survey

Posted on 5/26/2011 by Jim in category: survey software tips
Deploying a survey using Novi Survey software is a simple process. However, to achieve the best results, it is important to plan the deployment carefully and set the correct options in the survey tool.

1)  Check the validity of the survey
The survey list screen in the online survey software includes a sophisticated validation tool that check for more than 20 common mistakes and omissions (e.g., the occurrence of a pages devoid of any question or presentation element) that may impair the experience of the participants. When run, the validation tool produces a list all of the issues it has found with an indication of how to fix them, or a “survey is valid” message. If the survey is valid, it can safely be deployed.

2)  Open the survey for responses
To open a survey for responses in the survey software, change the status of the survey to “open” in either the survey list screen of the survey setup screen (in the deployment tab). Check that the date the survey opens and closes, which are found in the deployment tab, are set as desired. Once the current date time (based on the time zone for the eastern US) is outside of the range defined by the open and close dates, the survey will not accept responses. If a date is not set, then it has no effect on the ability to get responses for the survey.

3)  Post the link to the survey, embed the survey, or send email invitations
Novi Survey software supports several modes for making putative participants aware of the survey. The simplest method is to post the deployment URL found in the survey setup screen (deployment tab) in a web page. The survey tool supports several formats for the deployment URL, including a friendly user configurable name, and a URL based on a domain name only. See the deployment tab in the survey setup screen for details.

The survey can also be embedded in a web page using the embedding snippet available in the same screen as the deployment URLs. When the survey is embedded in the page of another web site, the first page for the survey will be displayed within the context of the page where it is embedded. For optimal compatibility with the widest range of browsers, it is recommended to use non-secure http (see secure mode option in the deployment tab) for the survey when embedding it into a web page. Embedding is especially applicable to polls where the question(s) should appear next to the relevant content in the web page.

The third deployment method supported by the web survey software is to send email invitations to the prospective participants. A detailed discussion of email invitations is outside of the scope of this post.

Once the survey is deployed through whichever combination of methods is appropriate in your case, the responses will be recorded as participant access the survey, answer questions, and navigate from page to page.

Happy surveying.

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