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How to conduct a staff survey during a crisis using online survey software

Posted on 6/1/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The suddenness of a crisis is always accompanied by compulsory changes not prepared for mentally, financially, and otherwise. As an organization, staff productivity can be affected, and as a concerned business owner, your outermost priority job is your employee’s welfare.

The most sensible approach for any leader is to address staff’s current needs, and the only way to know what they need is by asking them. One of the most effective means of getting to know your staff’s needs is a staff survey. In times of crisis, a deep employer-employee and employee-employee communication system is vital. It is a time when everyone has to listen more, as employers and as co-staffs, and a supportive culture should be developed.

The essential procedures for conducting a staff survey during a crisis.

In a crisis, it is essential to note that different approaches should be taken when conducting a staff survey, the staff might have views, concerns, and different mental perceptions when asked questions that would normally seem relevant or proper during a normal non-crisis period. An effective medium of carrying out a survey is also important to note. It is most preferred to optimize an online survey software for easy access to survey questions.

Establish closure and sensitivity

It is crucial to inform the staff about certain information from the start of the survey—what the survey is about, the approximate duration for completion, and how data will help the organization serve them better.

Additional steps should be taken to reassure confidentiality and acknowledge the extreme circumstances that staff is going through, personally and professionally.

Make it easy and brief

A key objective to consider when designing a survey during a crisis is to make sure that employees find the survey brief and concise and understand the need for them to complete the survey. Recognize potential communications that set limitations, and provide an alternative for them to give feedback. These show sensitivity and flexibility in their situation and optimize engagement.

Invest in a platform that facilitates easy survey response

It is also important to meet your employees where they are, with the overwhelming scheduling employees' experience, you have to provide a platform and survey tool that allows them to respond to survey questions at their convenient time. It puts them at ease when answering questions and would help them respond genuinely. It is often desirable to use survey software; it makes designing the survey platform easy because you are offered survey tools that allow you to make the survey as flexible as possible.

Conducting a staff survey during a crisis is always a wise move for a business owner. It makes employees aware that you see what they are going through and are ready to support them. This can increase productivity as a result of the motivation that staff feels.
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