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How to conduct a product survey using survey software

Posted on 11/17/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Gathering feedback from customers is a key priority whether you're just starting a business or are well into the advanced stages of your product development. Regardless of the size or type of the product, the procedure of handling the new product research survey will be the same from start to finish.

What is a Product Survey?

Simply described, a product survey is a way a company can learn what their users think about their products. Product surveys assist you in developing a data-driven understanding of your customers, which benefits not only your company but also the customer's interest.

Stages of a New Product Market Research Survey

1) Select a Survey Method

There are several methods for conducting a market survey, including paper surveys, face-to-face interviews, phone surveys, mobile surveys, and online surveys. What is important is that you understand your target audience and the best strategy for reaching them. However, online surveys are incredibly cost-effective, and some survey tools will make the procedure even easier

A survey tool is a piece of digital software that allows you to create and distribute hundreds of questionnaires. Online survey software provides the advanced administration and data collection capabilities required to conduct and manage new product market research surveys to obtain successful findings. Advanced survey software solutions have built-in analytic features.

2. Identifying Your Sample’s Target

You cannot possibly interview everyone in your target sector. Getting an individual that will represent the sector will be enough to answer your queries and provide the important data you need.

3. Ask The Right Questions

The type of questions you would ask depends on the type of survey you are creating. Your questions could be open-ended, close-ended, emoji-based (used mostly in online surveys), multiple-choice, demographic questions, emotional state questions, or preference questions. Below are some examples of product survey questions:

• How often do you use our products?
• How would you compare our products to that of our competitors?
• What problem are you trying to solve by using our products?
• How easy is it for you to use our product?
• Would you recommend this product to others?

4. Create a Draft of the Product Survey

To begin, make a list of the questions that need to be answered. To avoid losing your respondents' interest, limit the number of questions to 10-12. Then you concentrate on the product survey design.

5. Deploy the Product Survey

Deploy (or carry out) the survey while keeping your users' privacy in mind, asking one question at a time, and avoiding influencing your users through how you ask the questions. The finest product survey tools may enlighten survey replies by linking important facts and information, such as when and where a decision was taken in the user experience.

6. Evaluate the Results

You'll be able to infer for the rest of your target population based on these results, which will become statistics. Check to see if they support or refute your hypotheses. Look for commonalities and brand-new discoveries.

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