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How to change the numbering of questions in surveys

Posted on 3/4/2011 by Jim in category: survey software tips
In Novi Survey survey software the numbering of questions is controlled by the template for the survey. The association between a survey and its template is found in the survey set up screen, in the main tab.

If the survey is setup to use a global template, a new template needs to be created as a copy of the global template. The reason for needing to make a copy is that global templates can be used across multiple organizations and are therefore read-only. The survey should be set to use the new template. Note that if you are using a "Global" template, you will need to first make a copy of the template before you can modify the option. You will also need to associate the new template to your survey in the survey set up screen.

The option controlling question numbering in the template is ‘Question marker’ in template setup screen, in the layout tab.

The options available are:

  • Question number within each page: The numbering of questions starts at 1 for each page in the survey

  • Question number within the entire survey: The numbering of questions starts at 1 at the beginning of the survey and is incremented with each question in the survey. Note that if the survey includes page conditions or skip logic, the numbering of the question may appear to have gaps as not all questions are shown to the participant.

  • Bullet point: Each question is marked with a round bullet point

  • Dash: Each question is marked with a dash

  • Diamond: Each question is marked with a diamond shape

  • Lozenge: Each question is marked with a lozenge shape Heart: Each question is marked with a heart shape

All the options are available in the online survey software and when you install the software on your own server.

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