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How to best use your patient satisfaction survey results

Posted on 6/8/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Most experts believe that precise insights into the patient experience, often obtained through patient experience surveying, are the greatest hope for achieving practice change and improvement. This online survey software data can assist an organization in identifying major patient pain areas and determining which stakeholders will be vital in achieving practice change and improvement.

Patient satisfaction surveys are one of the most useful instruments for gathering information and providing feedback on a patient's care assessment. The results of patient perception and satisfaction surveys should be used to drive changes or approaches to patient care and how it is provided. Making improvements may be a straightforward process, yet basic solutions are sometimes missed.

Below are the best ways to use patient satisfaction results:

1. Conduct patient satisfaction surveys to assess quality.

Online surveys are an excellent survey tool for assessing the quality of patient care and processes. Most quality systems are based on recognizing genuine patient demands and ensuring that all of your healthcare systems are focused on providing those needs with the least amount of time and resources wasted. A patient satisfaction program is key, regardless of the strategy you use.

Note that this survey is NOT to teach you how to assess quality; instead, it defines what is important to the patients (consumers) and then constructs a business and quality system to produce the intended output.

To get the best from your survey, make a list of points and questions that answer the following:

• What you believe is essential to clients?
• What do the industry or competitors offer that you do not?
• What customers have informed you is significant?

Keep the survey questions open-ended and see what occurs. It will assist you in creating a solid basis to deliver quality.

2. Use patient feedback to roll out new services and features.

It's easy to have tunnel vision when handling patient satisfaction surveys. One common stumbling block is viewing the surveys as a "grade" or appraisal of how your services affect patients. That is one component of the survey using survey software, but an even more potent characteristic of a successful patient satisfaction survey is that it initiates a discussion about how to get better at providing better and new services in the case of features.

Rather than simply reporting on the findings, why not dig further and interact with particular patients to gain deeper insights into what's lacking for them and their experience with you? You may uncover an advantage from analyzing these remarks.

3. Ensure your staff is armed with patient info.

Seeing the results of your customer satisfaction surveys can help your staff. Remember that the findings aren't there for you or management to slam your staff. Engage them in a discussion about the survey results and gain their perspective.

This procedure will provide you with two advantages:

• Your staff will give you more in-depth insights on how to improve those results.
• They will get more involved in the business. They will understand how their efforts affect the lives of the patients.


To keep track of progress, conduct surveys regularly and evaluate the results. Connect the efforts to the results of patient satisfaction surveys. Maintain contact with patients to avoid losing them to competition. Let it be known that you are attempting to improve their experience in the clinic.

Do you want to provide a fantastic patient experience? Learn how to please your customers and convert them into your greatest supporters through a patient satisfaction survey.

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