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How to best benefit from an online customer survey

Posted on 4/1/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
With technology today, your ability to design, create and distribute an online customer survey has increased exponentially. Technology growth brings an entirely new range of choices available to companies looking to gain more insight from their main research.

Here are some of the best benefits you receive from online survey software.

1. Collect Important Insight for Product Development

You can use survey software along with other information gathering methods like community sentiment, analytics and social analysis to gain more insight into how your audience feels about your company and your products. Using a survey tool as part of your strategy of managing how your customers perceive your products is an essential part of your whole development process.

2. Show You're Listening

An online customer survey offers customers a channel for expressing their views. This is essential in an atmosphere where an increasing number of customers share their opinions and views on social media that are, as some would say, out of your control. When you ask your customers for their opinions on your performance and products, it shows you're ready to listen to them and take their views into consideration.

3. Offer Quicker Surveys

The amount of time it takes to complete a survey project online is much faster than traditional research techniques. Since you gather information automatically, you're not left waiting for paper questionnaires to return to you and your response time is nearly instant. Typically, you will receive responses within your first several days of distributing them, if not within hours. With people having access to their email accounts via their phones, you can have more instantaneous results than ever before.

4. Present More Simple to Use Participant Surveys

Most individuals that have Internet access prefer answering web-based surveys rather than over the phone. With online survey software, they can choose the time that best suits them and the time they need to complete your survey is shorter.

5. Provide Cost-Effective Online Customer Surveys

When you use survey software, it reduces administration and set-up costs significantly. You don't need to spend money on printing, paper or postage. You save money since in-person and telephone surveys aren't required anymore.

6. Use Survey Feedback to Retain Customers

The satisfaction level of your customers impacts customer retention. If your survey shows a low level of satisfaction across many of your questions, you could end up with customers who turn to your competitors. There are three distinct zones your customers’ attitudes could fall under. These are zones of indifference, zones of defection and zones of loyalty. And these zones correspond to various customer satisfaction levels. The higher the satisfaction level you gain, the higher your chances of retaining loyal customers. Acquiring a new customer can be more costly than keeping an existing one, so it's wise to keep your current customers happy and loyal.

Implement an online customer survey to reap these six benefits and more.
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