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How to benefit from survey analysis software

Posted on 8/9/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Inaccurate and flawed data can bring you to the wrong conclusions. The success of your business is often dependent on collating the right information and date with the right methods. Carrying out a survey is a wonderful way to help you get in touch with your consumers, their thinking, wants and needs. However, you need to analyze that data correctly to gain a full picture of your current situation.

There are four main ways that online survey software works, these are:


Benchmarking allows you to set up a starting point. You then compare all subsequent data to this. For example, if you ask a question about how satisfied customers are with your business this year and 78 percent indicate they were, this is your benchmark. You can compare this number against previous years and in the future to ascertain where you’re going right or wrong.

Benchmarking enables you to collate comparative data, spot trends and to stay aware of these over an extended time period. These results can be particularly helpful to your business moving forward.


Cross-tabulation refers to the process of using tables with at least two columns and rows that break down survey responses into various categories. You can use this information to get a picture of different respondent backgrounds by setting the software to break up each response into subcategories.

One-Way Tables

One-way tables are an easy and quick way to analyze quantitative data. You use the software to set up a table, placing each question in its own table field. Then, you simply count the number of respondents that choose each specific answer. Software can tabulate the original questionnaire results by placing boxes beside each question to tally the number of respondents, thus making information collation even easier.

Your survey software can then give you percentages of respondents who answered a certain way per question. Your results are more accurate the greater the participation rate of your customers. Hence, it’s imperative to create surveys that are fairly short, direct and easy-to-work with.

Arriving at Conclusions and Acting Upon Feedback

One of the most important aspects of benefitting from survey analysis software is to act upon the results. Your survey data will light the path that you need to take. But to make your survey successful, you have to enter that path and make changes along the way. Three important things you can do here include:

- Digg deeper if unclear of what the results mean
- Avoid losing sight of your initial survey goals
- Creat a plan of attack

A survey tool is an incredibly effective method for gathering customer feedback and reducing any uncertainty when it comes to taking big decisions. It’s advisable to look at the bigger picture before forming conclusions when it comes to reviewing results from survey analysis software. Consideration of all variables, hard data, and careful analysis deepens your insights and enables you to improve your business.
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