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How to Ask the Best Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

Posted on 12/19/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
All organizations, both big and small, rely on data to improve and troubleshoot problems in all sectors of the business. Employers and their human resource department often have a difficult time gathering quantifiable data on employee satisfaction. Believe it or not, this type of data is important because employee satisfaction impacts customer service, profits and employee retention. Therefore, being aware of what area of employee satisfaction needs to be improved upon lets organizations know where they can boost their performance.

The best way to measure employee satisfaction, engagement, and job contentment is by conducting a survey. In particular, a customer satisfaction survey can help organizations understand just what they're employees need and want. Sometimes, a small improvement in the work environment can make a world of difference for the morale and attitudes of your employees. That’s why asking the right questions is imperative.

Establish A Clear Goal

Perhaps the biggest mistake that employers can make is taking a general approach to their employee satisfaction survey. In fact, employers need to determine what areas require immediate attention and generate a list of questions that are geared towards these specific areas. Survey questions geared toward compensation, productivity, advancement, management and the wellness of the work environment are some places you may want to consider starting. Employee benefits, both health and otherwise, are also at the forefront of employees’ minds.

Use A Range of Question Styles

Rather than positioning questions as yes or no, opt for a wide range of question styles that can provide valuable insight. Online survey software can be used to generate all types of question formats. Multiple choice questions encompass a wide range of answers while a bar to measure responses such as “Agree” or “Strongly Disagree” can help human resource department gauge how they're workers perceive the workplace. It also is helpful to include at least one optional open-ended question that allow the survey respondent the opportunity to expand upon their feedback. In some cases, this can lead to you reaping valuable information.

Avoid Using Leading Questions

Of course, asking skewed questions that have hidden implications can defeat the whole purpose of the survey. You don’t want to pose questions that appear as if you are feeding the answers to the respondents or gauging for a specific response. Therefore, it’s best to avoid asking two-part questions. An example of this type of question is: Are you happy with the advancement opportunities available and does your manager encourage taking advantage of those opportunities? The employee might feel differently about each part of the question asked. As a result, they're unsure of how to answer the two-part question. Instead, separate complex questions into single inquisitions.

Employees can make use of quality survey software to generate employee satisfaction surveys that are properly formatted and branded with the company’s logo. A survey tool simplifies data harvesting, which ultimately provides the insight that employers need to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and engagement.
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