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How the iPad survey software is changing market research for the better

Posted on 5/22/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Today's world is increasingly mobile; therefore your market research needs to be mobile too.

Since its introduction in April 2010, millions of iPads have been sold. It's ease of use, long battery life, and stunning visual features, make it a versatile device with many uses. The iPad has changed the way consumers get information, retailers sell, and even doctors practice medicine. Now, it is changing the way market research is done.

Mobile marketing research involves a method of collecting data by means of mobile phones and mobile tablets. Because society is becoming more and more digitized every day, it's not as easy for market research industry professionals to gain access to respondents that are available, reachable, and willing to participate in surveys via traditional methods. To this end, savvy market researchers have adapted their approaches to keep up with technology.

This is where survey software comes in. Respondents will love providing their comments and feedback using an iPad survey software because it is a unique, new, and interesting way of providing their opinions to companies. It's much more "cool" to conduct a mall-intercept survey using an iPad than it is using a clip board.

There are a number of uses and benefits of implementing an iPad survey using online survey software. Here are just a few:

* On-the-Spot Surveys - Using an iPad survey tool, you can capture real-time live responses and feedback quickly and easily. It's also a more interactive way to engage your target audience. The face-to-face iPad survey is also a great way to gain extra insight into respondent's answers.

* Field Research - Conducting field research using pen and paper or even a laptop computer is now old school, not to mention cumbersome. An iPad is lightweight, so it's convenient and less bothersome to carry around while conducting field research.

* Trade Show Surveys - An iPad survey application makes it enjoyable for your trade show visitors to complete your survey. It also gives you a great excuse to meet and speak with prospective clients and customers one-on-one and face-to-face.

* Capturing Leads - With an iPad, you can capture leads anytime and anywhere, without the worry of the information getting lost.

* Environmentally conscious - Use iPad online survey software to help you become more green. Collect data and feedback using your iPad without using paper.

* Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality - Loyalty program sign-ups, in-store customer feedback, restaurant patron live feedback, and mystery shopping are just a few of the ideas of how an iPad survey can be used in the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries.

* Other great uses of the iPad survey tool are: capturing newsletter signups at local retail stores or restaurants, collecting patient signups at doctor's offices, conducting kiosk surveys, gathering customer service feedback, and conducting student teacher evaluation surveys.

There are a ton more uses of iPad surveys just waiting to be implemented. The iPad survey has all the makings to change the way market research is conducted: one respondent at a time.

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