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How satisfaction surveys can help to retain customers

Posted on 2/13/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Do you know how satisfied your customers are with the products and/or services they received from you? Not only are happy customers much more likely to buy new products and services from your business repeatedly, but satisfied customers are also more likely to recommend what you have to offer to their friends and family. The most telling revelation of all, though, is that customers who are generally happy with the services they receive or products they purchase from your business are more forgiving of small mistakes.

Understanding this, how do you improve customer satisfaction within your business organization? Satisfaction surveys designed with online survey software is an excellent solution.

Use Online Survey Software to Ask the Important Questions

Through the use of the world wide web, online survey software becomes a cost effective survey tool for determining the strengths and weaknesses within your customer service process. Finding out what customers do, and do not like, about your business allows you to make immediate or well-planned changes focused on the customers' actual needs rather than your interpretation, or best guess, as to what those needs may be.

Of course, it's not enough to ask questions and get answers. You must ask specific questions designed to gain specific answers for the sake of your business. Use questions like these as they pertain to your industry or niche within your survey tool to get the feedback you're most interested in receiving:

• Does the product you purchased represent a quality product to you?
• How did you feel about communication throughout the shopping and buying process?
• How would you rate your overall shopping experience?
• Would you recommend the product you purchased to a friend?
• How likely are you to purchase our products and services in the future?
• Do you feel the design of the product you purchased is consistent with its purpose?
• Did the staff respond to questions effectively?
• Was the staff courteous in dealing with you?
• Did the staff seem knowledgeable about the product you purchased?
• How easy was it to do business with the company?
• Was the selection of products or services adequate to meet your needs? 

An online survey tool is an outstanding option to utilize to retain customers, particularly if you choose the right online survey software. The right survey software for your business may offer services such as foreign language translation, mobile compatibility, or simplicity in design and implementation. On the other hand, it may offer advanced logic and questioning for more complex satisfaction surveys. The point is, online survey software that is flexible and has comprehensive features is much more likely to provide both measurable and meaningful results.

The most important thing, however, isn't in the act of gathering the data -- though that certainly is an important part of the process. What is important is what your business does with the data your survey tool afforded you to gather. Use the information uncovered to make specific, actionable changes in the way you conduct your business. As a side benefit, specific changes lets your customers who took the time to answer your online survey with candid know that their feedback was valued.

Used wisely, online surveys can change the scope of your business and customer loyalty for the better. How can you use this powerful survey tool for your business?

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