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How online survey technology has changed market research

Posted on 6/22/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Technologies like mobile phones, the web, and customer relationship management systems (CRM) have affected modern marketing today greatly. Marketers can now be more agile and efficient through these advancements. With regards to market research, new opportunities and pitfalls have been carved out for obtaining business intelligence that is useful.

The Evolution of Technology Market Research

It goes without saying that technology is pretty much in every aspect of today's time — and market research has also had its part in it. Things like customers’ beliefs, desires, preferences, and opinions obtained through survey software are something that marketers are learning about even more. They can interact and engage with consumers almost immediately through various touch points, devices and channels.

Consumers now have the entire world at their fingertips and can access information from a variety of different sources whether it is through websites, social network, an online survey tool, apps or through their mobile devices. This makes the process of consumer purchasing much different than a decade ago.

Utilizing Online Survey Software

With the viral aspect and digital age of information transference, a new challenge is presented to marketers: they need the ability to engage with prospective and existing customers no matter where they are. More options need to be provided by companies and brands through technology in order for them to connect with their customers day and night.

The savvy market researcher understands this and uses this as an opportunity to collect consumer insight and customer feedback through a survey tool multiple times throughout the buying process.

Well-established and emerging businesses benefit from utilizing technology market research online survey programs to get this valuable insight on their products and services. Companies can use technology market research to gain knowledge of their customers so they can engage more effectively and proactively with them. This improves their competitiveness in today's growing digital world. This type of survey tool can help a business meet the goals and challenges of the modern technology-driven economy.

Enhanced Data Analysis

Now that marketers have an increase in the flow of data to gather, it is just as important for them to be able to analyze it. Data analytics is becoming more sophisticated and easier thanks to technology. You are now able to strengthen your customer relationship management with better analytics. You can increase your customer retention and improve your overall long-term customer loyalty using advanced analytics. With the growing necessity of clearly defined KPI with this advanced data, you are equipped with more options which will allow you to decide your next big steps for your company.

Basically, the huge amount of data you will get coming in from methods that are both offline and online will provide you with a huge pool to come up with and analyze accurate strategies. You will have to shuffle through this data and eliminate the irrelevant parts. It is now your time to embrace these digital consumers and receive more insightful, candid and timely customer feedback through technology market research survey software.
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