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How educators use and benefit from assessment software

Posted on 3/17/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Assessment online survey software provides you with a survey tool that allows you to obtain detailed data for various classes, teachers, grades, and subjects. It's computer-based, typically online, allowing you to select questions based on which assessment type you're performing.

What Is Assessment Software?

Assessment survey software enables you to create and deliver tests to your students through digital devices, like:

• Smartphones
• Computers
• Tablets

Assessment software streamlines the process of delivering tests, grading your students' answers, and assessing the results. It's used by educational institutions like universities, K-12 schools as well as certification bodies, corporate HR teams, and other organizations that require the delivery of assessments.

How Educators Benefit from Assessment Software

Some benefits educators experience from using assessment software are:

1. Easy Deliverability to Students

Through the use of assessment software, teachers write various question types within the software's interface or choose from pre-made questions included in the software. They can then deliver these assessments to their students through a mobile app or portal and the assessments are automatically graded after the students complete the test.

2. Customizable

With assessment online survey software, you can create and customize assessment tests like:

• Questionnaires
• Quizzes
• Short polls
• Exams
• Surveys

You can import free interactive tests from a virtual library and toolkit which is loaded with educational content or use your own questions that you create.

3. Encourages Student Engagement

An interactive component addition encourages student participation and engagement along with collaboration. After they answer the questions, an automated process quickly tabulates them, requiring no marking. You could use this reporting in order to present the responses through things like word clouds, visual graphs, or heat maps, without you having to perform any of the calculations yourself.

4. Multiple Question Types

Educational assessment survey software is simple to use and simple to give to your students. You can use various types of questions too, such as:

• Multiple choice
• True and false
• Full essays for answers
• Asking for sentences

Using the computerized software, you're able to see which question method your students are having trouble answering and track which topics were wrong by numerous students. This allows you to know what you must work on with your students more and adjust your teaching style.

5. Automatic Grading

Grades are automatically available, except for answers you prefer to manually grade, like essays, so you no longer need to spend hours grading papers. Most assessments are true and false or multiple-choice, therefore those can be automatically graded.

While assessments can certainly be done with pen and paper, more and more teachers are making the switch to educational assessment software to realize the benefits mentioned above.

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