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How education administrators use online student surveys

Posted on 10/8/2013 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Online student surveys conducted by school administrators allow for honest and upfront answers regarding areas like coursework, teachers, the learning environment, and how the leadership at the school is progressing. Not only are they used to help survey students, but also other staff, parents, and community members who are looking to share their opinion about the local educational system. Student surveys are easy to create by using online survey software.

Types of Online Student Surveys 

There are many different varieties of student surveys to create by using an online survey tool. When online survey software is used, hundred of different varieties of questions can be used, including the availability to use advanced conditional logic, like branching or question skipping. 

Here are some types of online surveys to consider when implementing student surveys

Campus Evaluation -- To find out more about your campus and school, offer students (and staff if desired) a survey with questions relating to your campus. This is a good overview survey for campus feedback, including questions pertaining to meals, activities offered, clubs and groups, choosing classes, the school's environment, safety, bullying issues, and anything else you want to know about how your school is run and how well the campus is laid out. 

Course Evaluation -- This evaluation is for students to provide feedback on the coursework they are currently assigned or have just completed. Ask questions that help you find out if the courses are easy to follow, ask for reasonable requests, are clearly outlined, and if they are challenging enough (or too challenging) for the students. 

Teacher Evaluation -- Teachers should also be evaluated with a long or short online student survey. Ask your students which teachers they like most and the least, and details about each of the teachers they have had, including areas like teacher preparedness, instruction methods, and ability to motivate students. 

Parent Survey -- Surveys are not just conducted for students and staff, but parents as well. A student survey about coursework can be tweaked for parents who might like to give their opinion on how they feel the coursework is, as well as providing insight that can help school administrators learn more about how the teacher/parent communications are handled. 

Nutrition Evaluation -- This is given to students (and occasionally parents) as a way to target the nutrition offered at the school. It asks students for their honest opinion on the food, both in the cafeteria and available through vending machines, and what they would like to see improved. 

How Surveys Are Used by Education Administrators 

Education administrators use these surveys and evaluations in several different ways. Here are some different methods of handling and analyzing the information received from these evaluations: 

Making Positive Changes -- One thing educational administrators are able to do after receiving valuable feedback from a student survey tool is to use the evaluations as a basis for making positive changes, whether that's for adding teacher instruction education or changing the types of foods offered in the school cafeteria. It also reinforces decisions that have already been in the works. 

Handling Negative Comments -- Negative comments will happen, regardless of the type of survey. It is important to handle these in an appropriate manner, and not dismiss them. This is especially true if student surveys are confidential and anonymous, since it hints that these negative comments, may be for the most part, honest opinions. Administrators use the negative comments as a way to improve the school, coursework, and the way schools are run. 

Assessing Relationships -- The parent and student surveys help administrators determine if relationships are working well between parents and the school, or if there needs to be more open communication.

There are many ways to design and administer student surveys. Yet, using survey software is the most efficient, easy, and effective way to do so. Remember to create questions that help solve your biggest issues with the school, teachers, and of course, most importantly, for your students.
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