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How a motivation survey can inspire your employees

Posted on 12/21/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Often used to gain insight into what situations can potentially increase or decrease staff motivation and consequently help ensure job satisfaction, a motivation survey is an important workplace tool. Motivational questionnaires are similar to personality assessments in the fact that there are no set right or wrong answers.

Why Conduct an Employee Motivation Survey?

When you roll out an employee motivation survey via online survey software throughout your entire workplace, studying the responses can enable you to assess employee engagement, and empower you to shift your focus to areas of concern that you may not have already been aware of.

This type of survey is unique in the fact that it helps you discover in-depth information about the attitudes of your staff, their perceptions of your workplace, and the company as a whole. This is useful for a variety of reasons. First, if your employees are happy about their working conditions, such as their surroundings, benefits, and pay, they’ll be far more productive and motivated to excel in their duties.

A motivation survey will bring to the surface certain workplace issues, such as bullying, that may have been overlooked or gone unreported in the past. By studying the overall motivation of employees, management staff can forecast which staff members are likeliest to be most faithful to the company over a length of time.

How to Create an Employee Motivation Survey

Now that you know the benefits of creating and rolling out an employee motivation survey, let’s go over some useful tips on how to create one.

Use your survey tool to ask employees how working for the company makes them feel. Do they feel restricted or empowered? Is the workplace a place of freedom or is it more akin to a dictatorship?

Find out what motivates your employees. As with any workplace, your employees are a diverse group of individuals from many different backgrounds. Use survey software to work on engaging employees and discovering who they are and what motivates them in their jobs — and your company. By finding out this information, you can offer greater rewards that will inspire and motivate your staff.

Ask questions about employee work/life balance. Ask about their perceptions of flexibility in the workplace. Modern families have so much pressure in comparison to ones a decade or so ago. Show that you understand this, and, more importantly, that you want to work with your employees to understand ways the business and employee alike can better accommodate each other.

Keep in mind that levels of employee engagement can differ based on a variety of variables, such as personal characteristics, employee education level, gender, age, occupation, and industry. It’s a constant challenge for you as a manager to match your employees with the right motivation strategy, and that’s why questionnaires like this need to be carried out often. This is where motivation survey software can be invaluable.
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