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How a job satisfaction survey helps decrease employee turnover

Posted on 4/8/2015 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If your workers are happy, your bottom line rejoices. Retaining valuable employees is one of the most important predictors for the success of a company.

But how do you know if your workers are happy? Don't wait until they leave for another job. Using online survey software to conduct a job satisfaction survey, you can get a look into what they are thinking right now.

Your Bottom Line and Job Satisfaction

Your staff is made up of individuals with varying human responses to the work environment. Gather people together and there will be friction and unmet expectations. It is the nature of the beast.

But an efficient management team will encourage two-way communication so they can get into the mind of their team. There are several problems that routinely come up in an organization.

There's a saying, "People don't leave their jobs. They leave their managers." If one of your essential workers has to force himself to come to work each day due to run-ins with his manager, eventually he is going to start looking for a new job.

If you implement a new expense account reporting system but don't explain it correctly, the results could be angry employees when their expenses aren't reimbursed. When you hit a worker in his wallet, the reaction is right out the door.

When a staff member doesn't feel appreciated, he starts finding fault with the entire workplace environment. Grumbling and gossip increase, fomenting trouble.

These are just a few scenarios that result in worker dissatisfaction with his job. The quicker you find out what is going wrong, you can fix it. That's where surveys show their worth.

Types of Job Satisfaction Surveys

Using an online survey tool, you can find out a range of information that helps you find out the attitudes of your workforce and improve job satisfaction.

Surveys can be used for:

Job satisfaction: to find out the current state of morale among personnel with questions like "Is your job challenging enough?" or "Is your work meaningful to you?" or "What causes the most stress in your job?"

Worker-manager interaction: A survey can help you discover how effective your managers are, with questions like "How often do you get rewarded or complimented?" or "Have you been trained adequately for your job?"

Career opportunities: Find out the dreams of your team. If you can help them reach their career goals, they will help your company reach its goals.

Feedback: Ask your staff how they assess team performance, with questions like "Do members of the team share tasks well?" or "Is it easy to communicate with team members?"

Surveys can help you assess the job satisfaction level of your workers. The sooner you find out about trouble, the earlier you can take steps to fix the problem. Workers value your efforts and increase their loyalty to the company. It's a win-win: for employers, employees, and customers.
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