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Hospitality surveys using survey software make hard work pay off in spades

Posted on 11/30/2012 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Employment in the hospitality and leisure industries is continuing to tick upwards, with more than 28,000 jobs added in the month of October, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics news release. A large portion of these gains were in food services. Since 2010, the industry has added to its jobs at a tune of over 800,000 jobs.

But job additions aside, running a hospitality business like a restaurant or hotel is not easy. Ensuring that hungry customers are satisfied and hotel guests sleep well and are comfortable requires a commitment to customer service like no other. Besides the behind the scenes employees, such as housekeepers and kitchen workers, there's ensuring that the personnel in the front lines -- those working directly with customers -- present the professionalism and concern for the well-being and satisfaction of the customer. These include servers, porters, bell hops, bartenders, and check-in desk personnel to name a few.

That's where the hospitality survey tool comes in. Hospitality surveys help companies in the service industry enhance guest and customer satisfaction, which in turn increases customer loyalty, revenues, and profitability. Entities like restaurants, motels, hotels, cruise lines, casinos, transportation companies, theme parks, and event planning firms all can benefit from online survey software used to generate hospitality surveys.

Since this industry depends in part on the disposable income of its patrons, a tough economy can take its toll on the profits and success of the organizations within it. During down turns economically, companies must compete against shrinking customer dollars and customers who are guarding their wallets and pocketbooks -- making it vital that gather patrons satisfaction.

In addition to a tough economy pulling at the consumer's disposable income, social media puts another element into the success equation. Online review sites are extremely popular, and customers are happy to detail their experience with your service establishment, whether good or bad. For prospective customers or guests thinking about trying out a never-stayed in hotel or new, local restaurant, oftentimes comments made on a review site are the deciding factor.

By utilizing survey software to administer a hospitality survey tool, you can find out a number of important insights about your customer's satisfaction -- possibly before a horrendous customer review makes it online for the world to see. For instance, you can find out what changes you need to make to improve your guests and patrons overall experience, as well as whether guests would recommend your service to their friends and family members. Another key piece of information you can find out is how your service establishment is viewed by customers in relation to your competitors. For example, are you missing a valuable rewards or incentive program that your competitors are offering and customers really like?

There's no doubt that running a award-winning hotel or sought-after restaurant requires a ton of good old-fashioned hard work. But hospitality surveys can make that blood, sweat, and tears pay off with even better returns.

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