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Hospitality surveys using survey software help to keep guests coming back

Posted on 1/29/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Being in the hospitality industry is challenging. Your main priority is to keep your guests satisfied and happy and as you probably know, some of them can be extremely difficult to please. Hotel guests often pick on the tiniest things. Customers at restaurants may send food back complaining it's not made to their liking. But, while customers and guests might sound and act unreasonably sometimes, it's their right to ask for only the best service, since they're paying for these services and expect the best.

If you're in the hospitality industry, it's your responsibility to keep your guests smiling, regardless of whether you're in:

- Hotel services
- Restaurants
- Leisure and tourism
- Lodging
- Transportation
- Or any other types of hospitality

One way to ensure your guests stay satisfied is by conducting hospitality surveys to find out what your guests really think of your establishment. And, a great way to start is to simply ask them.

Questions to Ask Your Guests
Some questions you may consider asking your guests on your survey tool are:

- What's the reason you visited?
- Why did you decide on this hotel?
- Was your room clean and comfortable?
- How would you rate the food?
- How likely are you to visit again?
- How likely are you to refer us to others?
- How can we improve?

For efficiency, you can ask these hospitality feedback questions via online survey software.

Benefits of Hospitality Survey Software

A few benefits include:

1. Obtain Guest Feedback

Hospitality surveys are an efficient and quick way of finding out what your guests really think and then use this information to ensure you provide them with the best possible experience. Online surveys are an important quality assurance, evaluation and feedback tool for all aspects of your hospitality company.

2. Handle Complaints Effectively

Mistakes are made no matter what the industry is, but in the industry of hospitality, you need to be very vigilant about your services. And, if you have an unhappy guest or there's any discrepancy, you need to ensure you register and deal with the complaint promptly. You need to calm your guests down and provide them with the feeling they're being listened to and heard. A hospitality survey can help with this and make your guests feel it's an official process.

3. Offer Promotions and Packages

Are you aware of what your guests really want? Do travelers like booking hotel and flight packages? Will they wish to hire a vehicle? Survey software will help you determine the buying trends so you can offer your guests and customers exactly what they want from your website or travel agency.

So, for you to keep your guests coming back to you, feeling good about their choice and recommending you to their family and friends, you should incorporate hospitality surveys into your plan to obtain informative feedback you can use to make necessary improvements.
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