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Guide to improving your web survey using survey software

Posted on 4/4/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A good online web survey provides you with reliable, clear and actionable feedback to help with your decision-making. Improving your surveys will also provide you with higher quality data and higher response rates. 

Below are five tips you can implement to create an effective survey tool so you can improve the quality of data you collect as well as your survey response rate.

1. Choose the Right Questions

Your first step in enhancing your survey experience is to choose the proper questions. While this may seem like a no-brainer to you, it can be challenging. In many cases, you can significantly impact your response rate and answers simply by changing up the words in your questions.

A few examples of the type of questions you want to add to your survey software are:

- How would you rate your experience on a scale of 0-10?
- What did you like best?
- What could we do to enhance your experience?
- You also want to keep your questions straight to the point and simple — avoid using jargon.

2. Keep Your Survey Short

Short and focused surveys help with both quantity and quality of response. You're typically better to focus on just one objective rather than trying to come up with a comprehensive web survey covering multiple objectives.

Generally, the shorter your survey is the lower abandonment rate and higher response rate you'll get from your respondents. Pretty much everyone wants quick and easy, whether it’s your online survey software or anything else. If you have a massive survey that’s loaded with hard questions and takes over 30 minutes to complete, you're probably going to lose a lot of respondents' interest and they'll just abandon your survey. This leaves you trying to determine if you want or even can interpret the partial data.

3. Pre-Test Your Survey

Have co-workers or a few individuals from your target audience "pre-test" your survey to find unexpected question interpretations and glitches. You might be leaning toward skipping this test to save time, but, chances are, in the end it will help you to get more out of your survey.

4. Offer an Incentive

Depending on your survey audience and the type of survey you’re sending out, offer your respondents some type of incentive. While this isn’t something you can always do, incentives will most definitely improve your response rate since people will receive something back for their time.

5. Send a Few Reminders

Although this isn't appropriate for all survey types, sending your target audience who haven't yet filled out your survey a few reminders won't hurt and could boost your response rates significantly.

A huge benefit of using web surveys is you get the insight and feedback in real-time. The minute your respondents are done filling out your survey, you can view the responses and analyze them. Quick feedback will help you address any concerns or issues sooner, rather than later. Plus, your respondents will feel valued and will appreciate the fact that you acted on their feedback quickly.

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