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Guide to conducting an employee satisfaction survey in 2021

Posted on 2/10/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Employee engagement is important for any business's growth, and all things considered, a happy and satisfied employee is more engaged. Just like every employee can improve upon their own job performance, every company should work towards improving its procedures and policies. A top agenda should be making your company more employee-focused. But, how do you do that?

Well, the only way for you to get an understanding of your employees is by identifying their concerns within your company. And, you can only do this through quantification or measurement of various aspects of your company. This is where employee online survey software comes in.

Following are five "best practices" for designing and implementing your employee satisfaction survey tool.

1. Establish Clear Objectives and Goals

In your early stages of planning, articulate your overall objectives and goals of your survey software and define your anticipated ROI.

2. Encourage Your Employees to Fill Out the Survey

Surveys aren't effective unless they have high participation rates. When you don't have high participation, your leadership will see the investment as a sunk cost since you can't really know what your employees are feeling and thinking. Some of the best ways of encouraging your employees to participate are also the simplest. These include:

• Begin a competition
• Offer small prizes/incentives
• Inform about the survey's confidentiality

3. Concentrate on What You Genuinely Want to Measure

You should include engagement questions on your employee satisfaction surveys. Don't clutter up your survey with questions about things you can't change. For example, if you are unable to change employee matching for their 401K plan because you're at the maximum, don't include a question on it. Use some anchor questions for measuring overall engagement, and then use other types of questions for determining what's driving your organization's engagement.

4. Gather Data The Correct Way at the Correct Time

Take data-collection methodology best fit for your workforce into consideration. In the past, surveys used to be delivered as printed questionnaires, but today's technology allows you to conduct your surveys online which makes it easier, less costly, and more efficient to collect data. Convenience and ease translate into higher response rates. Offer employees multiple convenient ways to complete their employee engagement surveys, such as on their cell phones or computers.

5. Let Your Employees Know the Results

Because employees already took the time to fill out your survey, they will likely want to know the overall survey results. And, don't wait too long after survey deployment to share the results. By being transparent throughout the survey process and reinforcing confidentiality, it shows your employees you value their opinion and demonstrates your company intends on acting on the results.

Satisfied and engaged employees are one of the best ways to take your company to new heights and sustaining that high level. Measurement, through an employee satisfaction survey, is the initial step you take that can fuel growth and improvement. Take the necessary steps today to implement your employee engagement in 2021.

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