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Getting the most from your customer survey by using online survey software

Posted on 9/21/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
In today's competitive environment and tough economy, quality customer service can mean the difference between attracting and keeping customers or losing them to the business down the street. In this information age that we're in, customers are getting more educated about products and services and savvier about the price they pay. But, all things being equal, often times the consumer's choice to purchase a product or order a service, comes down to customer service. What's more, good marketing may help bring new customers in the door, but good customer service keeps them shopping.

To provide good customer service, you need to know not only how well you're doing right now, but also what areas have room for improvement. Knowing what your customers think, what they want that you're not providing, and what they dislike are all important components of customer satisfaction. By and large, customer surveys are conducted mainly to draw feedback from existing customers, but they can be conducted on non-customers or lost customers in hopes to covert them.

If your business is still using the old "suggestion box" method or the "comment card" tactic to get feedback from your customers, it's time to think again. Technology has made it easier to obtain opinions from customers across a wide spectrum of your customer base. And the latest, cutting-edge customer service survey software untangles the cumbersome task of gathering and analyzing data on consumer service satisfaction. If you've ever considered developing, administering, and analyzing a survey to understand your customers take on your service without using survey software, you may have soon realized that the survey process is resource-intense, complex, and beyond the scope of your in-house market research or human resources staff.

The best customer survey software makes it easy for the customer to provide his feedback, which is most often through an online survey. An online survey hosted on a web page or delivered via email makes it convenient for the customer to respond at her leisure. And when you use the online survey method for your customer service survey tool, you can get hundreds or thousands of responses, which enables you to extrapolate averages and trends. Once you know the general wants and trends of your customer base, you can make changes to bring in more profits.

A customer service survey gets to the bottom of what makes your customers tick -- and more importantly to open their wallet. What's more, software survey has branching and conditional logic which allows you to "dig deeper" based upon certain responses. For instance, suppose a customer rated a certain question as "very bad" or "very good", you might be more interested in asking follow-up questions to get to the bottom of this response, rather than a response of "neutral".

All-in-all, customers are the driving forces of most every business. Customers fuel the success of the business, and ultimately the profits. Take time to not only listen to your customers, but also to hear them -- through a customer survey tool.

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