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Get instant respondent feedback with a mobile phone survey

Posted on 12/1/2011 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
One out of every four American households has cut the cord - the landline phone cord that is. According to the National Center of Health Statistics, approximately 25 percent of American families have chosen to only use cell phones in their communications. It seems with the speed of technological advancements and the need for real-time information, the mobile phone is becoming a growing preferred tool of communication.

This trend toward replacing landline phones with cell phones poses a challenge for companies seeking to tap in to the opinions of all their customers and potential customers, not just the 75 percent still using landline phones. But that is where the mobile phone survey comes into the market research picture. Considering the explosion of technology, this growing 5th generation market research tool is a natural progression as a supplement to the four primary existing survey tool methodologies: face-to-face, postal, telephone (landline), and online survey. As each of these methodologies have been developed, they allowed for faster and more broad access to the target population, while also incorporating cost efficiencies in implementing the survey tool. And mobile phone surveys are following suit.

Today, mobile phone survey software enables an administrator to convert an already existing survey template into a mobile template or build a mobile phone survey from scratch. Browser widgets, such as survey buttons, fonts, and checkboxes are designed for the smaller mobile device screen. You'll still be able to develop questions that include single choice, multiple choices, or are open-ended. Mobile phone surveys can also be inbound whereby respondents enter a keyword code or outbound where the mobile phone survey is sent to a mobile phone list. What's more, survey software technology is so advanced that it can automatically detect a mobile device.

Besides being able to reach consumers who rely only (or mainly) on cell phones or smart phones, what are some of the other advantages of using a mobile phone survey as part of your market research survey tool strategy? For one thing, mobile phone surveys give you the flexibility of reach consumers when they are on-the-go. Targeted respondents are more likely to take the survey while experiencing downtime, such as commuting on the subway, train, bus, or even airplane.

One of the biggest advantages of using a mobile phone survey is instant feedback. Marketers and manufacturers obtain instant feedback while a consumer is checking out, contemplating purchasing, or using a product or service. First impressions of a product or an establishment can be captured immediately and product usage throughout a consumer's day can also be tracked.

Applications for a mobile phone survey use is extensive, including point-of-sale retail, mystery shopping, field research, real-time patient feedback for healthcare, hospitality, education (classroom/professor/student surveys), conferences, trade shows, audience feedback, and many more.

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