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Generate leads through a professional online quiz maker for lead generation

Posted on 2/21/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Many marketers underestimate the value behind online quizzes for lead generation. Quizzes are actually highly effective lead magnets. They allow brands to use interactivity to engage with their target audience, generate leads, and bring in potential customers.

Not only are quizzes effective for engaging your audience and generating leads, but they also:

* Create curiosity
* Increase website traffic
* Provide personalized feedback
* Qualify leads
* Drive revenue

By implementing quizzes into your marketing strategy, you can optimize your lead generation effectively for your company and brand.

The Purpose of Your Quiz

To make your quiz successful, you need a clear goal for it. What are you looking to accomplish with your quiz? What are you trying to get your participants to do? Some examples of potential quiz goals may include:

* Introducing people to your brand
* Growing your email marketing list
* Sending visitors to your website or blog
* Informing people about an upcoming hosted event you're having

It's essential you start your quiz survey tool with an end goal in mind.

Using a Quiz Maker to Create your Quizzes

Quiz survey software can help you view and track quiz results. The software can send the results straight to your email inbox after a user completes your quiz. You can view the results online or export them to Excel to analyze further.

A professional quiz maker will help you track the quizzes that are generating the most leads to your business, allowing you to tweak those quizzes that aren't getting good results. Add custom feedback to your quizzes that shows up to certain participants, depending on what you want them to do. Add a redirect option that works like your "call to action" directing participants back to your company website.

Features of Professional Quiz Online Survey Software

A quiz survey tool comes with a variety of features including:

* Customizable design: Customize images, buttons and colors to match your brand and website
* Mobile-Responsive: Your quiz can pop up on any size screen
* Multiple quiz types: Select your quiz type such as assessments, personality or scored quizzes
* In-depth analysis: View how interactive users are with your quiz. See who's taking your quizzes, sharing them and how they're responding to them
* Opt-in form builder: Collect users contact information through your own customized quiz opt-in form

Online quizzes are a great way to generate highly-targeted leads that you can build strong relationships with. They're easy to implement too. Just replace your standard newsletter subscription box with a fun quiz to grab your visitors' attention. But first, you have to create them and that’s where a professional quiz maker comes in handy.

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