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Gather student feedback by using teacher evaluation surveys

Posted on 9/26/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Students' feedback with teacher evaluation surveys offers educators valuable information to help them refine and improve their teaching. When you conduct a survey like this, you get the benefit of hearing your students' thoughts and concerns so you can make appropriate changes.

Benefits of Teacher Evaluation Surveys

Here are five benefits of using a survey tool for teacher evaluation:

1. You can use the information to make appropriate changes during your current course.
2. Your students will feel empowered in helping to create their own educational process.
3. You'll be able to assess certain behaviors instead of a global "teaching quality" rating.
4. You can ask for information most important to you; even solicit criticism without the fear of any negative administration consequences.
5. Evaluations will go directly to you.

Well-designed teacher evaluation online survey software asks students about educational practices that correspond with enhanced student learning such as:

- Teacher classroom management
- Teacher-student relationships
- Student engagement
- Rigor of lessons
- Teacher responsiveness to the struggles of the students

You'll gain actionable data from this feedback about your students' classroom experiences. Also, a teacher evaluation survey is more reliable than student growth measures and classroom observations.

The way to obtain valid and accurate information from your student survey software has a lot to do with survey design. Here are some tips to follow when creating your survey:

Survey Length

The length of your survey will always be a compromise between how much information you're looking to collect and how many questions you can ask before you lose your students' interest. While you can probably get away with around 30 questions for an end course teacher evaluation, you can often gather similar data from a well-designed survey that only has around 10 questions.

You want students to give good thought when completing teacher evaluation surveys, and not be distracted thinking about after classroom activity because the survey was too long to keep their interests.

Survey Scales

Student feedback for evaluating teaching should be used as an information source for providing insights into your ability. It shouldn't be treated as the absolute truth. This is why it's a better idea to mostly include descriptive scales in the evaluation survey, not evaluative.

Question Types

Since one of the reasons you use student evaluations is in measuring the actual amount of learning students are doing, you should ask your students to make a self-evaluation of the knowledge gains. You can do this by including questions like:

- How much have you learned?
- Did you learn anything about this?
- In what way did you learn it?

Despite having evaluative scales, questions that cover a specific teacher or an overall evaluation of an entire course are often seen in validated surveys.

Finally, to tackle factors that could bias and influence the survey results, valuable questions during the analysis would be those that deal with course workload, prior interest, how much effort they put in, why they took the course and so forth.
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