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Four ways to measure employee job satisfaction using survey software

Posted on 8/22/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
It's well-known the satisfaction of employees plays a significant role in the achievement of any organization. If your employees are happy and satisfied with their workplace environment and management, their commitment towards your organization will increase and they'll likely work harder to make your company successful. Below are four ways you can measure employee job satisfaction.

1. Use an Employee Suggestion Box

If you don't ask what your employees think, you'll never know. While honesty is always best, employees are often reluctant to tell management exactly what they think. A simple way of obtaining the opinions of your employees is by providing an employee suggestion box.

While you may have some idea of what your employees want, by providing them with an outlet to express their thoughts and opinions, you're giving them the chance to express what they believe is lacking in the workplace. Even if it's a simple request like getting a better coffee machine or replacing yellow light bulbs with white ones instead, it at least provides your employees with an open channel to help with the improvement of their workplace.

2. Conduct Reverse Employee Performance Appraisals

Traditionally, you would sit down with each of your employees and talk about their strengths and weaknesses in their overall work performance over a predetermined period — usually a year. When it comes to a reverse appraisal, your employees are the ones who evaluate their managers' effectiveness and performance. If this is something you may consider doing, start by setting rules for how to conduct the reviews and what they'll measure. Another form of this is to the self-employee performance appraisal where the employee evaluates their own performance.

3. Anonymous Job Satisfaction Surveys

You can set up your job satisfaction online survey software questions for your employees, but make the survey anonymous where they don't have to identify themselves. This will make it so your employees don't feel like you're targeted them individually. An employee satisfaction survey is the most effective way to hear your employees' concerns and opinions and when it's anonymous, they'll be able to voice their thoughts without feeling like there will be repercussions.

4. Overt Job Satisfaction Survey

These are the opposite of anonymous job satisfaction surveys. With this type of survey tool, your employees will identify themselves. The benefit of overt job satisfaction survey software is you'll know who your respondents are and therefore you can follow up with them and tailor your actions to fix their problems. Keep in mind, however, this type of survey tool could make your employees uncomfortable and reluctant to provide truthful responses. However, studies have shown non-anonymous or overt surveys don't necessarily hurt results and really collect more tailored responses.

When you're more open to hearing the opinions of your employees, engage constructively with them and look for solutions to issues, it can have a huge impact on workplace morale. It will also help create a workplace environment that results in greater employee satisfaction in the process.
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