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Four ways to increase client satisfaction through survey software

Posted on 3/26/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Congratulations. You've landed a brand new client. But just because you acquired this coveted new client, it doesn't mean your work is over. Far from it actually. You now have the very important job of turning this newly acquired client into a long-term relationship. If you embrace and follow these four strategic ways to increase client satisfaction, you will be well on your way of achieving this goal.

1) Solicit client satisfaction feedback. One of the best ways to find out how satisfied your clients are with your business, partnership, products, or services is through a survey tool developed through online survey software. Specifically, a client satisfaction survey can help to identify areas where you are highly satisfying a client, and those areas in which you are missing the mark. By soliciting feedback from existing clients and using that information to develop new strategies, you can ensure that what you offer them through your business is relevant and meets or exceeds their needs.

2) Measure client satisfaction. In addition to helping you collect valuable insight, feedback, and opinions from your clients, a client satisfaction survey helps you measure analytics relating to their feedback. As an online survey tool, after your client satisfaction survey is launched and responses gathered, you have the opportunity to review charts, graphs, and other meaningful analytics and metrics to help improve your relationship with your clients and increase their satisfaction level.

3) Act on feedback. Measuring client satisfaction is great. But, it doesn't solve the problem of an unhappy client just through its measurement. In other words, it rarely does much good if you simply gather data through a client satisfaction survey without acting upon it, particularly if your findings reveal you have several key areas where client satisfaction is waning. While many companies invest the time and resources into collecting feedback from their clients and customers, not all of them act upon the insights obtained. To gain a competitive edge, be sure to make changes when called for based on the results of your online survey tool.

4) Say Thank You. While it sounds like common sense, not all companies remember to thank their clients or customers beyond the initial sale. To dramatically increase the satisfaction of your clients, be sure that they absolutely know that you appreciate their business. One of the best ways to do this, which also helps to increase client loyalty, is to office discounts for repeat business.

The bottom line is that clients who are satisfied are loyal to your business. In other words, they stick to your partnership, products, or services like permanent glue and are not easily influenced by competitors who try to overtly (or covertly) lure them away. These are the best clients to have. And they are the type of client you can have by soliciting, measuring, and acting on feedback obtained through online survey software. And of course thanking them for their business.
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