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Four uses of assessment software and online assessments

Posted on 9/11/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Software is used for a wide variety of positive things in society today. So are surveys. They aren't just about getting feedback on products or shopping experiences, though there are certainly benefits to those goals.

Assessment surveys allow multiple answers for questions and provide a certain number of points to each answer. It's not about right or wrong answers when you're using assessment surveys. It's about the total point value of the examination.

The right set of survey questions combined with online assessment software can help determine some important details about people -- depending on the situation. The four uses of assessment software listed below offers a glimpse into just how useful assessment software can be in these regards.

1) Assessing Students

Online assessment software, combined with specific survey questions asked of students, can be used to assess a wide range of student areas. Some teachers like to use them from pretests at the beginning of the school year, or even new chapters in the book. Other teachers like to use them to allow the students an opportunity to assess them as teachers. Even more prefer end of the year assessments to see how much information students have retained over the course of the year.

Assessment software for students could be used to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum over the course of the year or certain times during the year when students are least attentive in class. Student assessments can also be used to identify affinities or aptitudes for certain fields of learning. It's a great way to help students learn about their own learning strengths and weaknesses.

2) Assessing Faculty

Students aren't the only one who need to be under the microscope these days. Faculty assessments can be used to help determine teachers who are still passionate about the subject matter they teach, as well as those who may be lax in enforcing school rules and regulations.

You can also use these important assessments to gauge faculty reactions to administration and commitment to their jobs. Students need some degree of continuity throughout the school year. It's important to look for signs that teachers are thinking of leaving before the school year begins. It's also wise to seek new ways to engage your faculty if you're getting lackluster results based on your use of the assessment tool.

3) Employee Retention

Just as it's possible for schools to use assessment software to help retain faculty members, businesses can do so too. Employee turnover is disruptive to the flow of work and can cause more discontent on the front lines of your office staff or warehouse crew. Regular assessments can help you identify signs of problem before they become full on avalanches among your staff and discover corrective measures you can take now to improve engagement and overall job satisfaction.

4) Health Assessments

New light is being shed on the importance of health assessments with the growing threat of pandemic health crisis around the world. This is a widely used assessments area because it quickly allows you to ask questions based on lifestyle, location, medical history, demographics, and behavior to assess risks for certain conditions and illnesses. Fast diagnosis leads to faster and more effective treatments. This software makes it possible.

Regardless of the type of assessment being conducted, assessment software makes gathering and collation of data a fast and effective process.
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