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Four tips for conducting effective

Posted on 1/7/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software tips
Online survey software can be used to gather the opinions of your employees so you can gain knowledge on what your employees' think about your company, what is and is not working for them, and what will keep them motivated. It can give you insight on what will enhance customer service, improve employee attendance, and increase your bottom line. You can also gather information that is associated with employee relations, supervision, talent management, firm management, and compensation/benefit programs.

Staff survey software can be used to decide on company party locations, gain feedback about the culture of the company and its work environment, or even the advantages and disadvantages of various company policies and procedures. Although implementing a survey tool in your business is essential, you still need to know what to do before and after marketing staff surveys. Below are some tips.

1) Communicate Purpose and Objective

You should begin by stating the purpose of your company survey and why you are conducting it. Employees need to know how to access it and how you intend on using the results obtained from it. You should ask team members during monthly team meetings what your company should be doing, what you should continue to do, and if there is anything you should stop doing. Allow them to come up with ideas and ways to boost efficiency.

2) Keep it Anonymous

Your staff members will be more prone to give you honest feedback if your online survey software is conducted anonymously. They need to feel confident that you will hold their responses in strict confidentiality and their names will not be linked to their responses individually, but instead viewed in a collective form. You can reinforce the integrity of the survey tool and manage the process by involving a third party.

3) Share Findings with Employees

Once you have collected the data from the staff survey and have closed it for further responses, communicate the findings with your staff promptly. By doing this, you will ensure to your employees that their time and effort of filling out the survey was worth it and that you will act on their opinions. This will assist you in receiving a higher response rate on all future surveys you conduct for your staff.

4) Take Action on Findings

Conducting staff surveys is one thing, but actually acting on them is another. It is essential that your company commits to making improvements and changes based off the responses of the surveys. If you do not take action or if it seems you are not taking action, it can lead to your employees not trusting your company and reinforce the initial concerns they had made in their feedback. An effective way of showing your company's commitment to the online survey software process is by appointing a specific party to take care of the interpretation of the survey results and taking action on it.

When your staff survey software provides a thorough understanding of staff perceptions and attitudes, this is the beginning stage of developing the strategies needed to reduce staff turnover, improve staff motivation, improve customer retention and increase innovation. All of these things contribute to increased productivity, reduced expenses, and improved profitability. When you conduct staff surveys you are sending your employees a positive message that you are a 'listening organization', but you must match this with commitment and action.
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