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Four strategies for online survey analysis

Posted on 7/27/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Surveys can be great tools to gain information about your employees or customers. However, for you to get the most out of the information you obtain from your online survey software, you have to analyze and interpret your results. There will be a little work on your part to get the most valuable information out of all the surveys you have compiled. Below are some strategies for survey analysis that will help improve your business.

1) Do a Cursory Review

Taking a little time to quickly read through the results of your survey software can give you an overall idea of the information you need, ensure you don't miss information that is important and help to keep you from being bias. Often, businesses use a survey tool to gain information, but they go into it already with their own expectation of the results. When you collect and analyze the results from your surveys, you want to ensure you don't just jump in to simply see if you got the information you were looking for. All survey respondents will have their own different views or could even have something of value to offer you about another area. A quick review will keep you from skipping any important information.

2) Look for Patterns

Once you have gone through your online survey software results, you need to look for patterns. You might have to count out responses or go through basic stats on your survey tool depending on the format you used and questions you asked. Try to find the most popular responses, but also look for unexpected responses as well. For example, many of your respondents might say they are happy in most areas of your business, except for one and this is where you will likely want to focus your attention.

3) Examine a Visual Representation

You might want to put your results into visual formats like graphs, charts, line graphs, pie charts, colored charts or word clouds. A more visual representation of your results will help you get a better understanding of each response and how one measure against another. Try to customize your charts with lines, borders, number of data points, segments and so forth.

4) Determine Which Results Warrant Action

Once you have the patterns identified, you now have to determine what you are going to do about them. If on your survey software you have one demographic of customers dissatisfied with a particular area of your business, it's time to come up with a strategy to address this problem. The survey analysis can also help you market and communicate to your customers.

Just remember, not all the surveys you get in your survey software are going to require any action. If you find that your customers or employees all seem happy, you might wish to just remain status quo. You have to first carefully go through your surveys to make this determination.
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