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Four reasons to use a business survey to make sound decisions

Posted on 11/23/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
If you are looking to change how you run advertising, add new products, or go in a different direction with your business, conducting a business survey can help you make these types of decisions in an informed way. You might already have a good idea with what changes you want to make, but what better way to ensure those are the right decisions than to reach out to current or potential customers? Here are some reasons for using an online survey tool to make sound decisions with your business.

1. You Can Get Some New Ideas

Perhaps you know that the way your business is going now isn’t quite where you want it to be, but aren’t 100% sure about what you can add or change. With a good business survey, you gain insight from consumers that buy similar products to what you provide, many of whom are actually customers of yours. By the time the online survey is complete, you will have a list of brand new ideas based on recommendations from your customers.

2. Surveys Help With Marketing Decisions

Your marketing efforts aren’t free, so it is important that the advertising funds are being used properly. With online survey software, you can base some questions around how your customers found out about you or what methods they tend to use for finding new businesses to buy products or services from.

You might find that while you have been paying for ads on Facebook, for example, that the majority of your customers have actually found your business through mobile ads. This tells you that you should focus more on paying for mobile ads, since so many of them are using that device to find new businesses and products.

3. You Can Adjust Your Pricing

Even if you didn’t go into the survey process to change your pricing, it is possible that the survey tool suggests you should potentially change how your products are currently priced. Ask some questions about why customers chose certain products, or what keeps them from making purchasing decisions. If you have a target customer that finds your products a little too expensive except when you run big discounts, then you may want to rethink your pricing structure.

4. They Help Resolve Issues

It is possible that your business is starting to see a decline in sales, but you aren’t sure exactly why. With a good survey, you can get some insight from your customers or other consumers. You may find out that your marketing campaigns aren’t working, your competitors offer better deals, or that you need to retrain your customer service staff.

High-quality survey software combined with insightful questions will work well at helping you make future business decisions that are sound and effective.
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