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Four benefits of using survey analysis software

Posted on 11/6/2019 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

Using survey analysis software to conduct survey research is a powerful survey tool for gathering market data. If you're still using research methods that involve paper, pens and manual spreadsheets, it's likely they've been nothing more than a big headache. Survey software makes research less painful and provides you with a straightforward, streamlined way of gaining insights that will help improve your business.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of using survey software for your research and analysis.

1. Improves Research ROI

Old-school research and manual analysis methods can take up loads of resources and time, making ROI a bit low. An analysis survey tool can help simplify and speed up the whole process, from helping to design and conduct your surveys to gathering the information and analyzing the results. Improve your research ROI by sticking with mobile and online survey software, which have a very small cost per respondent.

2. Cost

Surveys are fairly inexpensive. Mobile and online surveys, in particular, have an extremely small cost per respondent. And, even if you provide your respondents with incentives, the cost per response is frequently much less than the cost of having to administer a phone or paper survey. Phone surveys typically require a human to administer and paper surveys involve supplies and postage.

3. Comes with Flexible Options

Online survey analysis programs provide various levels of flexibility which allows you to customize your research process to meet your exact needs. This flexibility extends to:

- Customizing surveys with the use of different styles, formats and questions
- Administering surveys in various modes ranging from mobile and online surveys to social media and email surveys
- Collecting information related to various aspects of your respondent base, like their behaviors, values, opinions or beliefs
- Targeting a specific customer segment or demographic
- Personalizing the themes, colors, layout and images to align with your brand
- Reporting results with graphs, charts, crosstabs and other layouts and images geared toward your targeted audience

4. Dependable

The survey's anonymity allows respondents to answer with more valid and candid answers. To obtain the most correct information, you need your respondents to be as honest and open with their answers as possible. Surveys conducted anonymously offer an avenue for unambiguous and more honest responses than other forms of research methodologies, particularly if it's clearly stated the survey answers will remain completely confidential.

While survey analysis programs come with huge advantages, big companies aren’t the only ones that can take advantage of it. They can be extremely helpful for startup companies, as well as small to mid-sized businesses. Along with being flexible in its functions and features, survey software is also flexible in its terms of users. Some software packages are made for smaller corporations or even individual researchers, while others are more for medium and bigger firms.

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