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Four beneficial reasons to conduct a needs assessment survey

Posted on 1/4/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Organizational needs are constantly evolving, often making it challenging to keep up with the pace. For this reason, a needs assessment survey is crucial to enable you to determine whether your proposed course of action is entirely necessary in relation to the needs of your target group. This is imperative to know before you begin any project, and though utilizing online survey software, you can be sure to make the right decisions for your organization going forwards.

What is a Needs Assessment Survey?

A needs assessment survey is a way of questioning members of an organization or group to identify the most significant needs of that said collective. The results of the survey then guide you towards taking future action, by first focusing on the needs that are rated as the most important or have the most impact when corrected.

Reasons to Conduct a Needs Assessment Survey

Whether it’s finding out that there is a training deficit or reasons for poor performance or low productivity issues, a needs assessment survey can help you to find out these answers and more. There are many other reasons your organization should be conducting a needs assessment survey, these include:

1) To learn in depth about what your group needs are. A good online survey can be tailored to ask the pertinent questions you need answers to, and people are far more likely to answer completely honestly when they’re doing so electronically, rather than in person.

A good survey is excellent for supplementing existing observations, and can provide you with crucial, detailed information from your target group of people.

2) To make yourself aware of issues and needs that you haven’t considered. Even when you try to put yourself into the shoes of others, you can never entirely feel and share their experience. Through creating a needs assessment survey, you can pinpoint areas of need that may not be obvious.

3) To document the needs of your own organization. As the results of your target group come in, you need to have your own needs documented in terms of potential requirements for funding and support from other organizations.

4) To ensure the actions you’re taking now, and plan to take in the future, are in line with the needs of your target group. To fully understand people, it’s crucial to get to the root causes of what makes them tick. You can’t get this information by sitting in an office theorizing. It’s imperative to get your survey out there and to find out what’s happening on ground level.

Once you have your needs assessment survey software in place, it’s good practice to revisit your survey tool on a regular basis as needs can and do change as people themselves do.
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