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Five ways you can use an iPad survey at your trade show

Posted on 5/31/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Over the past several years, the use of iPads has become more frequent in trade show booths and for good reason. Exhibitors are using them to create useful iPad online surveys that are economical and draw attendees to their booths. They encourage your booth attendees to interact with your brand.

An iPad survey saves you time and the hassle of having to carry questionnaire forms around. They enable you to gather up important data about your consumers even when you don't have Internet access and integrate it into your online account when the Internet becomes available. Below are 5 ways you can use iPad surveys at your trade show.

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

With your iPad survey tool, you can gather up real-time feedback from your customers during the sales transactions. Get immediate access to their opinion of your products or services with a quick 2 to 3 question survey at the time they’re making their purchase. Deliver these surveys to their mobile devices or an in-store tablet.

2. Sales Video

A good way to grab people's attention walking by your booth is with a sales video that's showing product information simultaneously. Make the screen bigger by connecting your iPad to a larger TV display.

3. Photo Slideshow

If you're promoting something that is particularly eye-catching or if you have photos of your products, you can arrange them into a slideshow that shows up on your iPad. Once you lure guests to your booth with a colorful photo slideshow, you can spark up a conversation with them and begin your pitch.

4. Lead Capture and Marketing Automation Tools

Having iPads on your trade show booth is a quick and easy way to get your attendees into your automated marketing tool. Have a web form all ready for them to enter their information for your newsletter, promotions, etc.

5. Online Polls

Online polls are simple on an iPad and allow you to poll your target audience on the go about how and where they shop.

You benefit greatly by conducting iPad surveys. You have a bigger advantage than other marketers that have to send their audience home first to their computer or laptop to fill out their surveys. With an iPad survey, you benefit with:

- Quick results while consumers are in the buying process
-Real-time feedback and customer interaction
- Customer loyalty and engagement
- Higher response rates

Your targeted audience is just a smartphone or iPad away using your survey software and providing you with quick information on what they’re thinking. Take advantage of it at your next trade show and reap the amazing benefits.
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