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Five ways to use a Facebook survey for market research

Posted on 9/2/2021 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Social media has become a big part of our daily lives. It has changed the way we communicate with others and how we obtain information. It gives us a convenient and easy way to stay in touch with our friends and communicate with the world without having to meet in person. Companies and individuals can use this online platform to communicate directly and swiftly with their audiences, conduct research, raise research awareness, and boost audience engagement. It can also be said to be a survey tool.

Many people use a survey software tool to understand the "why" and get current feedback on how to improve their service. Social media platforms are now being used as an online survey software tool, and one platform that is commonly used is Facebook.

Facebook surveys are a great approach to figuring out the variables you should focus on. The likes and comments reveal a lot.

Before you can prepare for a survey, you must first determine your market research area or what you want to learn through the survey. You can ask customers to choose from a range of responses to describe their experience with your product, or you can target a particular demographic you believe would be interested in your product based on their personality and interests.

Five Fabulous Ways to use Facebook Surveys for Market Research

1) Look through the profiles and pages of your fans. Look at their demographics, likes, and status updates. This will provide you insight into who they are, their passions, and the issues they are currently struggling with. Keep track of all of these details in a running list so you can see if any trends emerge.

2) Look at your fan page's insights. This will give you more information about the demographics of people following you and which of your post they find most engaging and interesting.

3) Use the Facebook ad builder to figure out how big your target market is, or make a highly targeted ad inviting your ideal customers to do a survey somewhere else online.

4) Make use of the Facebook search bar. To identify large groups of people that fit your target market, use the search engine tool. Start a conversation and network when you're ready!

5) Use Facebook Polls to ask your fans and/or friends about how they find, buy, and use similar products to yours. You are free to ask questions about your industry, product, or service category (use the Public Posts filter)

Now that you have conducted the research using Facebook survey, what would you do with all of that research? It depends on you. Sometimes just listening can generate an idea for a new product or service that people have expressed interest in.

Using Facebook is the best survey tool to gauge the interest of people in new features and categories. Why not put your Facebook platform to good use.
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