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Five ways to use a consumer survey to boost online marketing

Posted on 4/2/2014 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Marketing online is a tricky business. Particularly because you are not only competing locally, but globally as well. You need every edge you can get to stay ahead of the competition. Online survey software can help you do just that -- in more ways than one.

1) Zero in on your target customer. You must know the key demographic you're targeting in order to come up with advertising and email marketing campaigns that address the specific audience most likely to buy your existing products, use the services you offer, or consider the new products you're developing. A survey tool allows you to go beyond simple demographic information though and really narrow things down to the specific people most interested in what you're offering.

2) Compare competitors. This actually works in two ways. First, you can take a list of all your competitors and see how your products stack up (one by one in a list format), in the eyes of users for things like price, value, effectiveness, etc. Second, through your consumer survey, you can ask questions about customer service, buying experience, etc. against all your competitors as a group.

3) Screen new products or services concepts. It's always wise to run new product ideas and service concepts by existing customers to see if there is interest. After all, these are the people who already use the products and/or services you offer, so it's not a stretch that they may be interested in new goods and services your company provides. You often learn valuable lessons by consumer surveys that may show you need to target a new demographic for new products, that the product isn't a good idea, or that you should definitely move forward with your outstanding new service.

4) Ask for actionable advice. Ask specific questions that provide actionable answers. Many customers welcome the opportunity to tell you what you can do to make their shopping experiences better. In fact, that might be one of the main questions you ask in your survey. Grocery stores, for instance, might like to survey customers about whether they'd prefer the store to double manufacturer coupons or offer store coupons that stack with them instead and follow the response of the customers who are surveyed. The key, is to take the action that your existing customers or your target market recommend.

5) Learn about post-sale consumer satisfaction. One of the most important things you can glean from using online survey software for your consumer survey is to learn how satisfied customers are with the product, service, and overall experience after the sale. You don't want to work hard to get new customers only to lose them immediately after the sale, and a customer survey can help you avoid this. You want to know what their experience has been, good or bad, and what you can do to make the experience better.

The right survey tool can help you accomplish all these important things and more. Remember, good online marketing can bring customers in your virtual doors, but great service is what keeps them coming back.
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