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Five ways implementing a Facebook survey helps your business

Posted on 5/3/2017 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
Facebook has over a billion daily active users, so you can imagine the huge potential you have by conducting a Facebook survey to reach out to your target market. The social media giant has been allowing businesses to reach out to its customers and engage with them for many years. It's considered a powerhouse social media platform that provides businesses a powerful avenue to get their messages out to their targeted audience.

Many organizations don't take advantage of the large audience Facebook provides and use it as a survey tool to gather market research and feedback from current and prospective customers. However, those businesses that do stand to gain a strong and competitive edge in their niche and industry.

Facebook provides organizations (small or large) with essentially, an unlimited potential to self-promote, advertise, brand and network. Once your company has gained a huge following on Facebook, you can gain some significant insight about your brand and products or services conducting Facebook surveys. Here are 5 ways that surveying your followers on Facebook helps your business.

1. Your Followers are Willing Participants

Many customers use Facebook to look for their favorite businesses and fan their branded pages. Take advantage of their enthusiasm towards your company through your Facebook business page and survey software. Find out what customers have to say about your business and get their opinions. Since they already care about your company or brand, they're more willing to share this information.

2. You Have Access to a More Targeted Audience

The followers of your Facebook business page are your own built-in targeted audience. They're already interested in your services, products, or your company making them more inclined to fill out your online survey software questionnaire in a genuine way and offer their candid advice to make their experience with your business better for them.

3. You Can Add New Products to your Line or New Services

A Facebook survey sent to your target audience will give you an idea of what additional products or services your consumers want.

4. You’ll find that it’s Cheaper

Conducting your research on Facebook through questionnaires is more cost-effective. You don't have to expend resources or time on gathering data and you save money on postage, paper and other expenses of hard-copy surveys. You receive responses to your survey in real-time and can access the results at any time.

5. You’ll discover that It’s Easy and convenient for your Participants

Most people prefer to answer surveys online instead of spending 20 to 30 minutes on the phone. With online survey software, your participants can choose the time that's right for them to fill out your survey instead of being forced to do it right on the spot like a telephone call.Facebook surveys not only give insight on prospective and current customers, but you also get essential information on your competitors too. Use surveys to gain information on much more than just your products, services and prices. There is so much information you can gather from your Facebook fans once you have built that relationship up with them through engaging and inspiring.
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