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Five ways a marketing survey helps you better understand your customers

Posted on 8/11/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
There are a lot of keys that lead to success in the business world. One of the most powerful – and often overlooked – of these keys is gaining a true understanding of your customers.

In order to really understand the needs and interests of your customers, and provide products and services that meet those needs, you really need to identify what it is that your clients are looking for.

How can you better understand the needs and wants of your customers? - By implementing a marketing survey via an online survey software tool.

Online survey software allows you to gain a better sense of your customers in five simple, yet very important ways:

1) Putting Yourself in the Shoes of Your Customers

In order to truly understand what a person wants and needs, you really have to put yourself in his or her shoes. By using a survey tool for example, you can ask your customers a list of questions that pertain to their interests, as well as to how they feel about your business. With this information, you can make the necessary changes to improve your business, and thus increase your success.

2) Providing You with Data on their Wants, Needs, and Interests

When do your customers typically shop? How much research do they do before making a purchase? How many stores do they visit before deciding which one to purchase a product or service from?

A survey tool allows you to thoroughly investigate pertinent data that is related to your customers, and to your success. For example, if your customers tend to shop at a specific time, you can increase the number of sales associates available on the floor at that time to better meet client needs.

3) Learning About Your Customers Opinions

Coming right out and asking their opinions gives you a better understanding of customer personas. What do they look for when choosing a business to work with? What types of products and services are they looking for, and why?

Survey software enables you to directly ask your customers what they think, which helps you nail down their personas, and how those personalities impact your business.

4) Learning About How they Found Out About Your Company

How did your customers find you? This is important to know because it lets you understand how new customers will find you, too.

A survey allows your current customers to share where and/or how they heard about your business. This information enables you to improve your marketing efforts so that you can better reach potential clients.

5) Discovering How They Feel About Your Business

How your patrons feel about your business is vital to your success. For instance, if they feel like your store is dirty and dingy, or your customer service reps aren’t helpful, your business could be seriously impacted, and in a very negative way.

If improvements need to be made, you can make them; if you are excelling at a specific area, you can apply the same methods to other areas that are lacking to improve customer experience.
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