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Five uses for an employee culture survey

Posted on 8/31/2016 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The culture of a workplace is one of the key factors that helps determine employee satisfaction.

There are several components of workplace culture: the way employees engage with one another and customs that dictate what happens within the workplace are examples. Some elements of this culture are formal and a direct reflection of how the work environment is managed, while others are informal and have been developed by employees over time.

The culture of a workplace can have a direct impact on a company. It can impact employee satisfaction and productivity. For that reason, it is imperative that managers are aware of the customs within their workplace and whether or not their staff is satisfied with those customs.

How can managers stay on top of the social climate within their workplace and ensure that everyone is satisfied? A straightforward way is by using an online survey tool to implement an employee culture survey.

Online survey software makes it easy to assess your staff’s satisfaction with the traditions and customs of your workplace. The data collected by survey software can be used by you, the manager, in a variety of ways to improve satisfaction, productivity and your workplace on a whole.

1) Create Employee Development Programs

The results of a workplace culture survey can be used to create employee development programs. Should your staff indicate that they are dissatisfied with the customs and traditions associated with your company, you can organize development programs that will help to ensure within your staff is treated fairly, thus improving satisfaction.

2) Improve Management and Employee Relationships

Since many workplace customs are the direct result of managerial tactics, a survey can be used to improve the strategies used by management, thus improving employee relationships.

When employees feel that their concerns are being heard by their superiors, and efforts are made to attend to concerns that have been voiced, your staff will have a greater respect for management, and thus, relationships are improved.

3) Understand and Evaluate Training Needs and Programs

Training is often needed to improve the customs and norms within a workplace, and a survey can help you determine whether or not training programs are needed to improve the cultural practices within your company. For example, should the results of a survey indicate that employees believe they are not receiving equal training opportunities, management can design training programs that will be offered to all employees.

4) Improve Leadership Strategies

Because the culture of a workplace and strategies used by management tend to go hand-in-hand, the findings of a culture survey can be used to improve the leadership strategies that are used within your company.

5) Increase Satisfaction and Productivity

Employee satisfaction can have a huge impact on productivity. If your staff is not satisfied with the culture within your workplace, their productivity can drop immensely. The results of a culture survey can be used to improve satisfaction, and thus productivity, which means more success for your business.

To see the advantages that a workplace culture survey can have on your business yourself, try using a survey tool to find out what your staff really thinks about the norms and customs within your company.
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