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Five types of workplace surveys you should be using

Posted on 6/23/2022 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

A workplace survey, also known as an employee survey, is an excellent way to determine employee opinions on various workplace issues. Using online survey software to plan and manage workplace surveys can cover several areas of the industry and be grouped into individual categories of workplace surveys.

Top CEOs have one thing in common: they know that their staff is the firm's greatest asset. Workplace surveys are a potent tool for utilizing employee perceptions. They also let employees know their input is respected, boosting their confidence and engagement.

Employee feedback is essential for understanding and refining your business. But getting an authentic, constant, and actionable opinion is no easy job. By understanding the various types of workplace surveys that are in existence and the appropriate time to use them, you will receive adequate employee opinions. Also, you will be able to make use of it better.

Below are some things to put into consideration before starting your workplace survey:

• Set clear goals and objectives
• Create your benchmark
• Create a diary for your survey
• Select the correct workplace survey software and tools
• Select the correct question style

Types of Workplace Surveys

1. Workplace commitment surveys

Workplace commitment surveys focus on how synced employees feel to their place of work. This consists of their enthusiasm in their specific roles and their alignment with the company's ethics.

Remember, workplace commitment surveys need to be conducted frequently. Under those circumstances, pulse survey questions are typically one of the best ways to gather ongoing feedback.

2. Workplace performance surveys

A workplace performance survey is your best bet if you want to know your team's strengths and weaknesses. This type of workplace survey tool allows you to identify breaches and opportunities in a company's administration, training, and funds/information provision. This type of survey frequently takes the form of self-assessment. They are convenient when you have noticed a variation in your team's performance or efficiency.

3. Workplace satisfaction surveys

Workplace satisfaction surveys help employers gather insights on how content the employees are with various aspects of their roles in the company. These consist of compensations and benefits, the workload, agendas, company guidelines, and workplace heterogeneity. This survey type is helpful when modifying a company's policies and improving work schedules.

4. Workplace attitude surveys

Workplace attitude surveys allow you to gauge the total mood of your company at a specific period. They are instrumental in detecting glitches with workplace ethos, gaps in data or resources, and shortages of work-life balance. These employee attitude surveys are occasionally completed anonymously to allow employees to express their feelings thoroughly and honestly. For this workplace survey, Likert Scale questions allow employees to modify their reactions to their moods.

5. Employer development surveys

Offering your staff a chance to give direct and productive criticism regarding your leadership methods is vital for making progress in your business. Gathering this type of feedback will enable you to make knowledgeable modifications to your administration style and positively increase your employee capability.

Likert Scale feedback is used for this type of employee survey. It allows staff to give more detailed and perfect feedback. The employer should include 'fill-in-the-blank' style questions to get more details.


When employees give an employer undesirable feedback(s), it can sometimes be petrifying, but in retrospect, it is needed. It helps highlight, in a company, areas that need improvement. Using workplace surveys smartly will contribute to the growth of businesses and organizations.

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