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Five types of workplace surveys to Implement to improve your business

Posted on 5/20/2020 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles

You can make your workplace processes operate much better and give your organization a more effective and friendly team atmosphere by gathering information through a workplace survey. Here are five types of workplace surveys you can implement.

1. Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement online survey software can help you gauge the levels of connection and enthusiasm your employees have with your company. It measures how motivated your employees are in putting in extra effort into your company as well as how committed they are to working and staying there.

With an effective employee engagement survey, you can gather feedback seamlessly, share it with your team, and then turn around and take action on the results.

2. New Hire Surveys

New hire survey software is a perfect way of understanding how people perceive your company and what provides your organization with a competitive edge. You may want to ask certain questions like "how did you hear about this company?" or "why did you choose this company over others?" You could also ask about the interviewing experience of new hires.

Gathering answers to questions like these can help you obtain a better understanding of how you can structure the interview process better.

3. Benefits and Compensation Surveys

Learning how your staff feels about their benefits and compensation is essential since they're usually the two motivating drivers of either retaining or draining your employee base. When you can adjust salaries or tweak the benefits, plan accordingly through a survey tool as it can help you understand what employees are really looking for.

4. Organization Culture Survey

This type of survey is also called a climate survey or culture survey. It's typically driven by companies requiring a change or those aligned with a new mission or vision. They're useful for measuring employee perceptions after a change in management, a merger, or a change in the organizational structure. They're often helpful indicators of how well your staff knows and is committed to your company's values. They often measure things like:

• Mission/value
• Innovation
• Perception of benefits/compensation
• Teamwork
• Perception of business results
• Perception of managers

You would typically analyze the results and deliver an interpretive summary to a broad level of management. You then might or might not use the results for action planning for managers.

5. Exit Interview Survey

When you conduct an exit interview, you typically will use a written or verbal exit interview survey for determining why people are deciding to leave the company and to obtain feedback on their work experiences.

Exit interview surveys help you find the reasons why you have people resigning and uncover ways to improve operation to retain employees. An exit interview survey might even reverse a valued staff member's decision to leave if you find the employee is willing to stay if you make certain changes to things like their training, job requirements, overall work conditions, advancement opportunities, or compensation.

Remember to conduct workplace surveys frequently to keep a good grip on the pulse of your company and employees.

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