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Five types of marketing surveys that every marketer should implement

Posted on 10/3/2018 by Elizabeth in category: survey software articles
The everyday chaos of marketing can sometimes keep us from taking the time to actually evaluate the bigger picture. We can get caught up in the here and now, and fail to reflect and plan.

However, marketing surveys can provide marketers with valuable insights into their long-term goals and a bigger picture of their business. When you don't have a complete view of your business from a market research standpoint, it's like driving a car while blind.

Even when you have deadlines looming, you need to take the time to check in with your customers and obtain their valuable, unbiased feedback. The best way to do that is through market research online survey software.

There are many types of marketing surveys you can use to gain information. Below are five that savvy marketers are using on a regular basis to steer their business in the right direction for success.

1. Brand Usage Surveys

Measuring brand usage is where you find out how consumers are engaging with your product or service, how often do they engage and what their total spending is in both your product categories and brand. You can also measure market share too through brand usage.

2. General Brand Awareness Surveys

Consumers are more likely to make purchases on a brand they trust or can spontaneously recall it over others. Identifying and setting brand awareness goals is key in marketing planning and strategy development for both products and services.

3. Product Surveys

A product survey tool is where once you launch a product, you can then use marketing research to identify different aspects of its life such as how well the product is being received and how it's being used. Product surveys can provide you with useful information to help you figure out why you're selling one product better than another.

A product fulfillment survey can also provide information about consumer temperature around your brand. Are they being fulfilled with the design of a product or the ads? You'll gather this information in your survey software results.

4. Habits and Uses Surveys

These surveys help you understand usage situations like when, how and where your product is used. A virtual or real pantry audit is sometimes included in habits and uses studies. A habits and uses survey can help you to figure out how your product or service fits into the usage situations for your core demographic.

5. Purchasing Tracking Surveys

Identify more information about your customers at different stages of their purchasing cycle and what's their experiences and opinions so far? You can just about identify when the customer might repurchase your service or product with this information.

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6. Customer Motivation Surveys

What makes your customers go from simply hearing about your product, to being interested and, from being interested to actually buying your product? Learning customer motivation can help you understand customer loyalty and purchases.

Make it a point to take steps to implement one or more of these marketing surveys today.
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